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OR playing the flute




My full  postal address is the following::

Prof. (emer.) Dr. Oswald Riemenschneider
Mathematisches Seminar der Universität Hamburg
D-20146 Hamburg, Bundesstraße 55

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You may try to reach me via  telephone  (040) 42838 - 5134
However, I will not be present in my office regularly. Therefore, it is more advisable to contact me by e-mail.

The  FAX number  of my group is  (040) 42838 - 5190

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My office hours (in room 330):

By personal arrangement via e-mail only (preferred time: prior to the tea before our Colloquium on Tuesdays).

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Here you find my 
Curriculum Vitae .  You may also be interested in the scientific  Genealogy of the Grauert-Remmert School based on the  Mathematics Genealogy Project ).
My Erdös number
is 3 (Diaconis-Eisenbud or A.Borel-Remmert).

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The main topic of my  research is 

Complex analysis (in several variables),

in particular: complex-analytic and complex-algebraic geometry and especially  singularities .

In the next few months I shall attach  here some partially incomplete chapters of a quite old singularity project.
Please read more in the
and then go according to the actualized List of Contents there to the Chapter you are interested in:

Chapter 01Chapter 02Chapter 03Chapter 04Chapter 05Chapter 06Chapter 07Chapter 08 ,  
Chapter ?? 
[replace in your browser "??" by the chapter number 01, 02,..., 16, 17, 18, 19],
Supplement , Citations .
In a Prospective Preface you find a tentative list of contents for the complete text in preparation.

In order to get a satisfactory print out of 2 pages on one sheet of paper one should use the option in Adobe
of adding an extra page at  the beginning.

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You find here my  list of publications  and links to Math. Reviews and some of the published texts in chronological order:
1967 (text) , 1969 (text) , 1970a (text) , 1970b , 1970c (text) , 1970d , 1971a (text) , 1971b (text) , 1971c
, 1973a (text) , 1973b , 1974a (text) , 1974b (text) , 1975 ,
1976a (text) , 1976bc (text1 , text2) ,  1977a (text1 text2) , 1977b (text) , 1978a (text) , 1978b , 1979 , 1981a , 1981b (text) , 1981c (text) , 1983 , 1985 (text) , 1986 ,
1987 , 1990 (text) , 1991 , 1992 (text) ,  1998 (text), 2000 , 2001 , 2003a (text) , 2003b , 2004 , 2007 , 2009 , 2012 , 2016 (text) .
There is also a small selection of some recent
manuscripts .  I include papers on
1. the (generalized)  Prime Number Theorem (which is related to Witt's famous type written page on the PNT)
2. the two - dimensional McKay correspondence
3. the axioms of the real numbers (in German) and in a slightly different version in English
4. an English version of my paper on Euler's elementary analytic evaluations of Zeta(2)
5. a text asking: When is a^b larger than b^a ?

See also  lectures.

For German reading persons, there are two other texts:
6. a German version of 4.  (see also text of the 2016 paper)   
7. an elementary introduction to group theory and mathematical puzzles for highschool students

8. an extremely elementary text on the arabic story concerning the inheritance of camels

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Here is a list of my (former)  assistants and students

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For information concerning my teaching (lectures) in the past see my complete list of lectures.   See also Vorlesungsverzeichnis of our Fachbereich.

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Manuscripts and exercises for beginners and more advanced courses (in German):

(All texts are in pdf - format. They are reproduced in the versions of around 2005. More recent versions will be attached from time to time)

Manuscripts for beginners courses :

Analysis 1
Analysis 1   ( Chapters 1 - 12 )
weekly exercises  

Analysis 2
Analysis 2   ( Chapters 13 - 23. Version of December 23, 2004 ; Index not yet included )
weekly exercises   

Analysis 3
Analysis 3   ( Chapters 24 - 37.  Version of February 28, 2005 ; Index not yet included )

Analysis 3a
weekly exercises  

Analysis 3b
weekly exercises 

Lineare Algebra und Analytische Geometrie I und II
Lineare Algebra und Analytische Geometrie  
( Chapters 1 - 15,  Supplement and Exercises.  Version of March 8, 2005 )
New version 

Manuscripts for more advanced courses :

Funktionentheorie I
Grundzüge der Funktionentheorie   ( Chapters 1 - 12 . 
Version of February 12, 2006 )

Funktionentheorie II
Funktionentheorie 1   ( Chapters 13 - 30, Supplement and Exercises. 
Version of February 11, 2005 -
The Appendix to Chapter 28 and Chapters 29, 30 are still missing )

Differentialgeometrie I
text    (Chapters 1, 2 and 3 only. Version of June 21, 2005)

Differentialgeometrie II
Differentialgeometrie II   

Sorry, there are no  hardcopies  of my other text
Singularitäten in der reellen und komplex-analytischen Geometrie
available anymore..

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I include here the pdf-files of a powerpoint presentation of   lectures on

1. the geometry of   Hirzebruch-Jung   continued fractions
Euler's elementary analytic evaluations of   Zeta(2)  

My last   lecture   before retirement contained among other topics

3. A power point presentation of my  favourite citations
4. A dia show of  algebraic surfaces  from the  homepage of Herwig Hauser

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Hamburg History

You find here a selection of formal addresses and other texts I have delivered in Hamburg.

Following there are some photos and a picture related to
Emil Artin (03.03.1898 - 20.12.1962)
Erich Kähler (16.01.1906 - 31.05.2000),
my predecessors on my position in Hamburg.
(My successor in Hamburg was Bernd Siebert; in
2018 he moved to the University of Texas at Austin.
My successors on my position in Göttingen were Michael Schneider and Hubert Flenner).

1.  Artin and Kähler in a garden café.
2.  Artin playing the flute (water-colour painting by Heinrich Stegemann. Stegemann also produced a
life-mask that is exhibited in the "Artin-Hörsaal" in the main building of the Universität Hamburg.
See also Nr. 47 on page 177 in Kunstschätze und Wissensdinge. Eine Geschichte der Universität Hamburg
in 100 Objekten. Herausgegeben von Iris Wendenholm und Christina Posselt-Kuhli. Michael Imhof Verlag,
Petersberg, 2019).  
3.  Death-mask of Artin (property of and photo by OR). A more professional photo (copyright
Karin Plessing and Reinhard Scheiblich) appeared in the volume dedicated to the 100th anniversary
of the Universität Hamburg, see loc.cit., Nr. 48 on p. 179). 

In Der Neue Rump, Lexikon der bildenden Künstler Hamburgs, Wachholtz Verlag, Neumünster/Hamburg, 2013, 
one finds the claim that Robert Schneller (Emil John Carl Robert Schneller, 25.03.1901 - 28.01.1980)
manufactured the death-mask in 1962. 
It is, however, most probable that it was finished in 1963, according to the following
4.  Signature on the plaster cast of the death-mask. It obviously shows the year 1963 and the signature
"R. Schneller" (compare with a sketch signed by Robert Schneller around the time of Artins death -
courtesy of Dr. Nele Lipp in Hamburg).
5. My desk.

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Here is a small selection of my favorite personal  links for

1. buying books via  Springer and  AMS
2. searching new mathematical literature via 
3. getting information about music and, in particular,
4. Musik-Vermittlung (homepage of my daughter Stephanie Riemenschneider)

If you are interested, you may find here a biography of  Tilman Riemenschneider (more detailed information is given in the German edition),
selfportrait  and one of his  works . Please also contact the  Mainfränkisches Museum   in Würzburg. -
My own "creations" in pictorial arts were always rather abstract  culminating in sketches like
the divisor with normal crossings à la Mirò.

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On the cover photo I am playing a piece of Johann Sebastian Bach at the "Riemenhaus" in Fukuoka.
Here is an older one showing me
(in 1963, when I was a student in Göttingen) hiking on the peninsula of Athos.
The next  photo was taken (in a similar style of almost all participants) at the occasion of the 75th birthday of Professor Kneser in Göttingen
in the Auditorium Maximum of the Mathematisches Institut. It imitades a well known photo of David Hilbert showing him exactly at the same place
when delivering a lecture with one of his printed papers in his hand.
On October 29, 2016, there has been a small ceremony in the same lecture hall in memory of the "Goldenes Doktorjubiläum" of a few persons.

This  and the  next   photo were shot after the day of a typhoon at a famous shrine (Dazaifu) south of Fukuoka in the 1990's
during one of my several visits to Japan with my wife Kyoko.
In 2016 we have been in October on Mt. Rokko, at some waterfalls near Kagoshima and hiking again in the hills near Fukuoka.
Here are some photos from our last stay from October to November 2017.
Near Fukuoka, we visited this time the hometown of the famous Japanese Composer Rentaro Taki, and I performed his piece
Kojo no tsuki (moon over the ruined castle) at his statue on the ruins of  Oka castle.
During a conference in Kagoshima we could marvel again at the smoking Mt. Sakurajima and the beginning of
autumnal tints at Lake Rokukannonmiike.

I attach here from time to time just a few of my own favourite personal photos.

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