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Some personal photos


Kiel:    Photo1 , Photo2 , Photo3 , Photo4 , Photo5 
Lanzarote (Hotel Lava Beach):
Photo1 , Photo2 , Photo3 , Photo4 , Photo5 , Photo6 , Photo7 , Photo8 , Photo9 
Bad Camberg:
Photo1 , Photo2 , Photo3 , Photo4 , Photo5 , Photo6 , Photo7 , Photo8 , Photo9 , Photo10
Japanese Art (Langen Foundation):
Photo1 , Photo2 , Photo3 , Photo4 , Photo5 , Photo6 , Photo7 , Photo8 , Photo9 , Photo10   
Photo01 , Photo02 , Photo03 , Photo04 , Photo05 , Photo06 , Photo07 , Photo08 , Photo09 , Photo10 ,
            Photo11 , Photo12
, Photo13 , Photo14 , Photo15 , Photo16 , Photo17 ,
Photo18 , Photo19 , Photo20 ,
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, Photo24 , Photo25 , Photo26 , Photo27 , Photo28 , Photo29
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            Photo61 , Photo62 , Photo63 ,

Lanzarote (back to the familiar hotel Los Jameos Playa):
Photo01 , Photo02 , Photo03 , Photo04 , Photo05 , Photo06 , Photo07 , Photo08Photo09 , Photo10 ,
            Photo11 , Photo12
, Photo13 , Photo14 , Photo15 , Photo16 , Photo17

A new years view over the harbour from the Plaza of the Elbphilharmonie.

A "Rapsfeld" near Haseldorf.
Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum, Concertgebouw and boat trip.
Near Hamburg: Pond at the Wulfsmühle, flower in the Arboretum.
View over the Elbe from Hirschpark.
Northern Tuscany: From the villa of Laura and Paolo in Chiatri one has a beautiful view to the summer house of Puccini and to the
Lago di Massaciuccoli. There, in Torre del Lago, Puccini had his main villa, now a museum with a nearby open air theater in which
every year a Puccini opera festival takes place. The lake itself - where Puccini chased waterbirds - is now a wonderful refugium for these
animals. We also visited his birthplace in Lucca, a museum, too, with - among many other items - costumes of Manon Lescault, Turandot and
Cho-cho-san and a piano on which he composed his last opera, Turandot. To be sure, there is also a statue of him in Lucca. Other highlights
of this town are the amfiteatro, the pallazzo Pfanner and its garden, the church of San Michele with a painting of Lippi and  the Guignini tower.
North of Lucca, one finds the gothic devils bridge, to the west, there is the - at this time - deserted beach of Camaliore with a view to the marble
near Carrara, and finally, south of Lucca: Pisa with the famous tower and the piazza dei miracoli.
Quedlinburg (Rathaus and a birds view), and the Brocken from Torfhaus.
Goslar: Hotel Brusttuch and Hotel Kaiserswörth and the Kaiserpfalz.
Lanzarote (Hotel San Antonio): PhotoL , PhotoLa , PhotoM (November 22), PhotoN , PhotoP , PhotoQ , PhotoR , PhotoS , PhotoT .  

Southwestengland: Bath, Cathedral of Wells from outside and inside, Bishops palace, park of Killerton house, Bodmin moor,
cemetary in Tintagel, view to King Arthurs "castle", Padstow, Mt. Saint Michael, storm at Lands EndStonehenge, Cathedral
of Salisbury and Magna Carta.
Bremen: The famous "Roland" standing close to the mayors hall, the "Bremer Stadtmusikanten" and their true order,
a statue on the wall, a window in the dome, a painting of Monet and a modern installation in the Kunsthalle, a sculpture
of Tilman Riemenschneider in the Roselius Haus, and a visit to the Space Center of Airbus Industries
(a model of the I(nternational)S(pace)S(tation)).

Near Fukuoka, we visited this time the hometown of the famous Japanese Composer Rentaro Taki, and I performed his piece
Kojo no tsuki (moon over the ruined castle) at his statue on the ruins of  Oka castle.
During a conference in Kagoshima we could marvel again at the smoking Mt. Sakurajima and the beginning of
autumnal tints at Lake Rokukannonmiike.

Flowers in the Arboretum.
"Rheinromantik": PhotoB, PhotoC, PhotoD, PhotoE, PhotoF, PhotoG.
Lanzarote: PhotoJ, PhotoK.

In October, we have been on Mt. Rokko near Kobe in Japan, at some waterfalls near Kagoshima and hiking again in the hills near Fukuoka.

Sayonara once more to

  and the  next   photo were shot after the day of a typhoon at a famous shrine (Dazaifu) south of Fukuoka in the 1990's

during one of my several visits to Japan with my wife Kyoko.


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