Infinite graphs with ends: a topological approach

All Hamburg and some other papers on this topic

The original topological approach group in 2007


The best starting point is perhaps the introductory but comprehensive survey

together with

While the survey is more comprehensive (and includes many pointers to what might be interesting to look at next, including countless open problems), it is also written in a less formal style that makes slightly more demands on the reader. The book chapter may help with precise definitions, should the survey be found to be too informal. It also offers a selection of proofs of basic facts, which are typical for this area and make good introductory reading. There is also an older expository text, mostly written around 2002:

The first few sections of this contain a lot of motivation for the topological concepts used in this field, and still have some entertainment value.

General properties of the topological space formed by a graph and its ends:

Homology / Cycle space:

Extremal infinite graph theory:

Infinite matroids

Graphs and groups

Infinite electrical networks and flows

General infinite graphs (non-topological)

Some theses in this area: