Reinhard Diestel (ed.)

Directions in Infinite Graph Theory
and Combinatorics

Topics in Discrete Mathematics 3
Elsevier - North Holland 1992
Hardback, 385 pages
ISBN 0444894144
Price: such as only libraries will want to know

This volume has been reprinted as a `special issue' of the journal Discrete Mathematics 95

This volume consists of invited surveys of various fields of infinite graph theory and combinatorics, as well as a few research articles. It aims to give some indication of the variety of problems and methods found in this area, but also to help identify what may be seen as its typical features, placing it somewhere between finite graph theory on the one hand and logic and set theory on the other.

Since the volume is no longer easily available it is offered here for downloading (both all-in-one and as individual papers), in printable pdf format. Unfortunately, Elsevier deleted the original files, so the pdf files below had to be scanned from a copy of the book. File sizes vary between 500K and about 1MB. Before printing the files, you must set your Acrobat Reader's printing magnification to 40%.

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Introduction (by C.St.J.A. Nash-Williams)

R.Aharoni, Infinite matching theory

J.-M. Brochet and M. Pouzet, Gallai-Milgram properties for infinite graphs

P.J. Cameron, The age of a relational structure

R. Diestel, Decomposing infinite graphs

R. Halin, Bounded graphs

W. Imrich and N. Seifter, A survey on graph with polynomial growth

H.A. Jung, Some results on ends and automorphisms of graphs

I. Kriz and R. Thomas, Analysing Nash-Williams' partition theorem by means of ordinal types

P. Erdös and J.A. Larson, Matchings from a set below to a set above

E.C. Milner and K. Prikry, A partition relation for triples using a model of Todorcevic

B. Mohar, Some relations between analytic and geometric properties of infinite graphs

C.St.J.A. Nash-Williams, Reconstruction of infinite graphs

F. Niedermeyer, f-Optimal factors of infinite graphs

P. Komjáth and J. Pach, Universal elements and the complexity of certain classes of infinite graphs

N. Polat and G. Sabidussi, Asymmentrising sets in trees

N. Polat, Asymmetrization of infinite trees

N. Robertson, P.D. Seymour and R. Thomas, Excluding infinite minors

P.D. Seymour and R. Thomas, An end-faithful spanning tree counterexample

J. Siran, End-faithful forests and spanning trees in infinite graphs

H.J. Prömel. W. Thumser and B. Voigt, Fast growing functions based on Ramsey theorems

M.E. Watkins, Edge transitive strips

W. Woess, Topological groups and infinite graphs

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