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Christoph Wockel

I left academia, but you can still reach me under christoph (at) wockel.eu.

Fields of Research Interest:

My field of research are cohomological structures in global analysis in the presence of symmetry. These symmetries are mostly described by Lie groups (which may be infinite-dimensional) or Lie groupoids and their associated Lie algebras and Lie algebroids. More precisely, I often work with the following concepts:
  • Cohomology of Lie groups (continuous, smooth, topological, Segal-Mitchison, bounded, measurable, ...) and the related differential geometric structures (flat bundles, symmetric spaces, ...)
  • Lie groupoids, Lie algebroids and their relation to infinite-dimensional Lie theory
  • String geometry, in particular the string (2-)group, its representations and higher gauge theory in general
  • Infinite-dimensional Lie groups (mapping- and gauge groups, diffeomorphism groups) and their cohomological invariants


My publications on Google Scholar, arXiv, MathSciNet, Zentralblatt MATH
  1. Integrating central extensions of Lie algebras via Lie 2-groups (with Chenchang Zhu) 34 pp., J. Eur. Math. Soc. (to appear) (arXiv-version)
  2. The Lie group of bisections of a Lie groupoid (with Alexander Schmeding), Ann. Glob. Anal. Geom. 48 (1) (2015) 87-123 (arXiv-version)
  3. A Cocycle Model for Topological and Lie Group Cohomology (with Friedrich Wagemann), Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 367 (2015) 1871-1909 (arXiv-version)
  4. Making lifting obstructions explicit, (with Karl-Hermann Neeb and Friedrich Wagemann) Proc. Lond. Math. Soc. (3) 106 (3) (2013) 589-620 (arXiv-version)
  5. Universal central extensions of gauge algebras and groups, (with Bas Janssens) J. Reine Angew. Math. 682 (2013) 129-139 (arXiv-version)
  6. A Smooth Model for the String Group, (with Thomas Nikolaus and Christoph Sachse) Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN 16 (2013) 3678-3721 (arXiv-version)
  7. Topological Group Cohomology with Loop Contractible Coefficients, (with Martin Fuchssteiner), Topology Appl., 159 (2012) 2627-2634 (arXiv-version)
  8. The diffeomorphism supergroup of a finite-dimensional supermanifold (with Christoph Sachse), Adv. Theor. Math. Phys. 15 (2011) 1-39 (arXiv-version)
  9. Categorified central extensions, étale Lie 2-groups and Lie's Third Theorem for locally exponential Lie algebras, Adv. Math., 228 (2011) 2218-2257 (arXiv-version)
  10. Principal 2-bundles and their gauge 2-groups, Forum Math. 23 (3) (2011) 565-610 (arXiv-version)
  11. Non-integral central extensions of loop groups, Contemp. Math. 519 (2010) 203-214 (arXiv-version)
  12. Central Extensions of Groups of Section (with Karl-Hermann Neeb), Ann. Glob. Anal. Geom. 36 (4) (2009) 381-418 (arXiv-version)
  13. Equivalences of Smooth and Continuous Principal Bundles with Infinite-Dimensional Structure Group (with Christoph Müller), Adv. Geom., 9 (4) (2009) 605-626 (arXiv-version)
  14. A Generalisation of Steenrod's Approximation Theorem, Arch. Math. (Brno) 45 (2009) 95-104 (arXiv-version)
  15. Lie Group Structures on Symmetry Groups of Principal Bundles, J. Funct. Anal. 251 (2007) 254-288 (arXiv-version)
  16. The Samelson Product and Rational Homotopy for Gauge Groups, Abh. Math. Sem. Univ. Hamburg 77 (2007) 219-228 (arXiv-version)
  17. Smooth Extensions and Spaces of Smooth and Holomorphic Mappings, J. Geom. Symmetry Phys. 5 (2006) 118-126 (arXiv-version)


  1. Functorial aspects of the reconstruction of Lie groupoids from their bisections (with Alexander Schmeding), 16 pp.
  2. (Re)constructing Lie groupoids from their bisections and applications to prequantisation (with Alexander Schmeding), 45 pp.
  3. Topological group cohomology of Lie groups and Chern-Weil theory for compact symmetric spaces, 25 pp.

Notes and Theses:

  1. Higher structures in differential geometry Lecture notes for a lecture given at the University of Hamburg, 2013 (preliminary draft, comments are welcome!)
  2. Infinite-dimensional Lie Theory for Gauge Groups, Dissertation, TU Darmstadt, 2006
  3. Central Extensions of Gauge Groups, Diploma Thesis, TU Darmstadt 2003
  4. Differentialgeometrie, Lecture notes, emerged from a lecture given by J. Wallner, TU Darmstadt, 2001


SS 2015   Lecture: Funktionalanalysis
WS 14/15   Lecture: Höhere Analysis
SS 2014   Lecture: Algebraische und geometrische Strukturen in der Mathematik - Ein Überblick für Lehramtsstudierende
SS 2013   Lecture: Higher Structures in Differential Geometry
WS 12/13   Lecture: Algebra II
SS 2012   Lecture: Algebra
WS 11/12   Seminar: Funktionalanalysis
SS 2011   Lecture: Funktionalanalysis
WS 10/11   Softwarepraktikum
SS 2010   Seminar: Cohomology of Lie Algebras
SS 2010   Übungen zur Analysis 2 (von Ingo Runkel)
WS 09/10   Lecture: Infinite-dimensional Lie groups with a perspective to Mathematical Physics

Third Party Funding:

I am member of the following third party funded research projects:

Conferences that I (co-)organise(d):

I am part of the organising committee of the Seminar Bremen - Hamburg - Kiel.

Notes or slides for some talks that I gave:

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