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Center for Optimization and Approximation (OA)

Staff / Members

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Supporting Staff

Benz, Astrid Administrative Assistant
Kopp, Katrin Administrative Assistant

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Brandt, Christina, Prof. Dr. Mathematical Methods in Medical Imaging
Iske, Armin, Prof. Dr. Numerical approximation, radial basis functions
Kluth, Tobias, Dr. Optimization of Complex Systems
Reis, Timo, Prof. Dr. Mathematical Systems Theory
Schmidt, Thomas, Prof. Dr. Geometric partial differential equations
Siebenborn, Martin, Prof. Dr. Optimization and Approximation

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Phd Students and Post Docs

Ali, Ahmad, Dr. Optimal control of semilinear PDEs with state constraints- numerical analysis and implementation
Bankole, Adeleke, Dr. Adaptive Kernel-Based Particle Simulation Approaches for Large-Scale High Performance Computation
Beckmann, Matthias Error Estimates for Filtered Back Projection
Berger, Thomas, Dr.
Diederichs, Benedikt
Dorschky, Ines Structure preserving model reduction of mechanical systems
Gerdes, Anne Hydrodynamic shape-optimization for turbulent industrial flows
Goetz, Claus, Dr.
Gräßle, Carmen Optimization of multi-phase flow using model order reduction techniques
Haller, Frédéric
Herberg, Evelyn Christin Sparse discretization of sparse control problems
Jordan, Tobias
Kröner, Heiko, Dr. Optimization with PDEs, finite elements on surfaces, geometric evolution equations
Onyshkevych, Sofiya
Piontek, Sebastian
Puche, Marc
Scharmacher, Nicolas Phase field models in the coupled simulation of atmosphere and ocean
Schumacher, Henrik, Dr.
Schmidt, Christiane
Schwenninger, Felix, Dr. Infinite-dimensional systems theory, Operator Theory (Semigroup of Operators, Functional Calculus)
Treinov, Anton
Wagner, Niklas

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Retired Members

Eckhardt, Ulrich, Prof. Dr. (em.) Applied functional analysis, applications to signal processing and spatial cognition
Glashoff, Klaus, Prof. Dr. (i. R.) Optimization
Oberle, Hans Joachim, Prof. Dr. (i. R.) Optimal control, calculus of variations
Opfer, Gerhard, Prof. Dr. (i. R.) Approximation theory, numerical linear algebra, wavelets

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Former Members

Alla, Alessandro
Baumann, Helge, Dr. Aeroassisted orbit transfer with restrictions
Breuer, Ingo
Cuenca, José Efficient analysis and classification of high-dimensional ultrasonic signals in non-destructive material evaluation (ZeMat)
Daniels, Nikolaus, von Optimal Control with Partial Differential Equations
Denecke, Claudia
Diekmann, Andreas, Dr. Models for liquids containing gas bubbles
De los Reyes, Juan Carlos, Prof. Dr. Optimization
(Visiting Professor summer term 2013)
Dörksen, Helene, Dr. Nonlinear methods in multidimensional signal processing
Engelke Stephan, Dr. Smoothing methods for linear optimization problems and complementarity problems
Frank, Benjamin SQP methods for large and sparse optimization problems
Fredenhagen, Sigrid, Dr. Spline interpolation under restrictions
Geiger, Carl, Prof. Dr. Approximation theory, wavelets, optimization
Gerdts, Matthias, Prof. Dr. Optimal control, differential algebraic systems
Goetz, Claus, Dr. ADER-methods for hyperbolic conservation laws
Guillemard, Mijail Numerical approximation
Günther, Andreas, Dr. Adaptive finite element schemes in pde constrained optimization in the presence of control and state contraints
Hüpping, Björn Optimal control, nonsmooth Newton's method
Kahle, Christian, Dr. Optimal control of parabolic problems with state constraints
Kanzow, Christian, Prof. Dr. Complementarity problems, Optimization, finite variational problems
Kadrnka, Libor Higher Order Finite Volume Particle Methods using the ADER Approach
Kumbartzky, Marcel Dynamical Reconstruction of 3D Medical Image Sequences Using Optical Flows
Kunkel, Martin, Dr. Nonsmooth Newton's methods for DAE optimal control problems, model reduction techniques in IC-design in nanotechnology
Krause-Solberg, Sara Dimensionality Reduction Methods in Independent Subspace Analysis for Signal Detection
Massoudi, Arash Passivity-Preserving Model Reduction of Infinite-Dimensional Systems Governed by Maxwell's Equations
Matthes, Ulrich, Dr. Parametric MOR for coupled simulation of nano electric structures
Rendel, Olaf Dissipativity preserving model reduction of differential-algebraic systems
Sapun, Petar Design and convergence analysis for an adaptive discretization of non-stationary incompressible flow equations
Sternberg-Kaletta, Julia, Dr. Optimal control of fluid-structure interaction problems, finite volume particle discretization
Lakämper, Rolf, Dr. Digital image processing
Latecki, Longin Jan, Prof. Dr. Digital image processing
Loesch, Boris, von Multigrid method for optimization problems
Ludovici, Francesco Optimal Control Problems in Polygonal domain with an underlying elliptic or parabolic PDE in presence of state contraints
Nagel, Christian, Dr. Numerical solution of semi-definite programs
Nahrstaedt, Janja Model order reduction in variational data assimilation
Niendorf, Vasco SQP methods for large and sparse optimization problems
Rosendahl, Ricki, Dr. Necessary and sufficient optimality conditions for nonsmooth optimal control problems
Steffensen (geb. Veelken), Sonja, Dr. Optimization problems with equilibrium constraints
Tran, Quyen Tam Nhan, Dr.
Ulbrich, Michael, Prof. Dr. Optimization, Optimal control and parameter identification
Ullmann, Elisabeth, Dr.
Vehling, Thorben Optimal control with partial differential equations (shape optimization)
Vierling, Morten, Dr. Optimal control with partial differential equations
Voigt, Matthias, Dr. Optimization of Complex Systems
Werner, Jochen, Prof. Dr. Optimization
(Visiting professor in Hamburg, winter term 2007/2008)
Wollner, Winnifried, assistant professor Optimization
Yefremov, Alexander Numerical approximation
Zendehrouh, Fatemeh Bang-Bang control of semilinear PDEs

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