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The summer semester at the Universität Hamburg started on 20.04.2020 and ended on 15.07.2020

Winter Semester 2020/2021: The lectures start on 02.11.2020 and end on 20.02.2021. Christmas holidays are from 20.12.2020-03.01.2021.

Please check our Internet pages regularly, to inform you about the novel coronavirus and its impact on the Universität Hamburg.

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Staff / Members

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Former Members

Support Staff

Jampert, Monika
Administrative Assistent

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Behrens, Jörn, Prof. Dr.
Numerical Methods in Geosciences  /  NumGeo)
Gasser, Ingenuin, Prof. Dr.
Partial differential equations, fluid dynamics models, kinetic models, singular perturbation theory
Lauterbach, Reiner, Prof. Dr.
Dynamical systems (with symmetry), differential equations
Nobili, Camilla, Jun.-Prof. Dr.
Differential equations and Dynamical Systems
Struckmeier, Jens, Prof. Dr.
Numerical treatment of partial differential equations, Mathematical Modeling and Technomathematics

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PhD Students and Post Docs (permanent jobs)

Heitmann, Stefan, Dr.
Kiani, Peywand, Dr.
Rothe, Kai, Dr.
Numerical linear algebra, eigenvalue problems, finite element method, parallel algorithms

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Phd Students and Post Docs

Allwörden, Hannes von
(from October 2016)   Supervisor: I. Gasser/J. Struckmeier
Bänsch, Michel
(from April 2018)   Supervisor: J. Behrens  /  NumGeo)
Dziwnik, Marion, Dr.
(from April 2019)   joint Supervisors/Mentors: M. Hinze (since April 2019 at Uni Koblenz), I. Gasser (DD) and A. Iske (OA)
Modeling, asymptotic analysis and numerical simulation of thin films
Kirsebom, Maxim, Dr.
(from November 2017)   Supervisor/Mentor: R. Lauterbach
Lohse, Alexander, Dr.
(from October 2010)   Supervisor/Mentor: R. Lauterbach
Junior professorship (temporary substitute): from April 2016 until September 2017
Supervisor: I. Gasser MIN-Prodekan, together with H. Barbas [Projekt: HOOU; until 12/2018]
Ovsyannikov, Ivan, Dr.
(from October 2018)   Supervisor/Mentor: R. Lauterbach
Schwenker, Sören
(from October 2015)   Supervisor: R. Lauterbach
Sommerfeld, Mara, Dr.
(from April 2012 )   Supervisor/Mentor: R. Lauterbach

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Phd Students and Post Docs (Research Grant and Scholarship holders)

Bankole, Adeleke, Dr.
(15. October 2018 to 31. March 2020)   Supervisors: I. Gasser / J. Struckmeier [Project: ENCOS]
development of a tool for the design of microreactors in cooperation with the company ENCOS
Chen, Yumeng
(from February 2016 until February 2019 - Project: PalMod / from March 2019 - UHH-Stipendium)   Supervisor: J. Behrens  /  (AG NumGeo)
Kunde, Philipp, Dr.
(from October 2010)   Supervisor/Mentor: R. Lauterbach
scholarship - suspended until 30.06.2021
Patel, Heena
(since 1. May 2019)   Supervisor: J. Behrens [Excellence cluster CLICCS]  /  NumGeo)
Noethen, Florian
(from 1 August 2016)   Supervisor: R. Lauterbach [Projekt: TRR 181 (Area M1)]
Ruan, Haibo, Dr.-habil.
(from September 2008)   Supervisor/Mentor: R. Lauterbach
Simon, Konrad, Dr.
(from 1 January 2016)   Supervisor/Mentor: J. Behrens [Project: PalMOD]  /  NumGeo)

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Retired Members

Ansorge, Rainer, Prof. Dr. (em.)
Functional Analysis of the discretization, numerical treatment of conservation laws
Hass, Reiner, Prof. Dr. (i. R.)
Numerical Mathematics
Hofmann, Wolf, Prof. Dr. (i. R.)
Numerical functional analysis, absorbing boundary conditions
Ortlieb, Claus Peter, Prof. Dr. (i. R.) [01.05.1947 – 15.09.2019]
Dynamical models, particularly in the life and social sciences
Taubert, Klaus, Prof. Dr. (i. R.)
Differential and integral equations, simulation of electrical networks
Werner, Bodo, Prof. Dr. (i. R.)
Numerical analysis of bifurcation problems for dynamical systems

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