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Zentrum für Modellierung und Simulation spacer DFG Priority Programme 1253 'Optimization with Partial Differential Equations' spacer Collaborative Research Center 609

Workshop within the GAMM activity group 'Optimization with Partial Differential Equations'

PDE Constrained Optimization - recent challenges and future developments

March 27-29, 2008

in Hamburg

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together scientists from the field of Optimization with PDE constraints, and related research areas. The event is organized as a pre-GAMM2008 workshop, with the annual GAMM meeting taking place in Bremen (March 31 - April 4, 2008). The workshop is closely related to the activities of the DFG Priority Programme 1253 'Optimization with Partial Differential Equations', and also to the Collaborative Research Center 609 'Elektromagnetische Strömungsbeeinflussung in Metallurgie, Kristallzüchtung und Elektrochemie'. Within the workshop a meeting of the GAMM activity group 'Optimization with Partial Differential Equations' will take place.

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schedule, abstracts, participants
Invited talks:
A Walter Zulehner Multigrid Methods for Mixed Variational Problems and their Convergence Analysis
B Karl Kunisch Some Considerations for Numerical Realization of Closed Loop Optimal Control
C Ekkehard Sachs Optimization Methods in Finance
D Ralf Kornhuber Constrained Minimization and Multigrid
Contributed talks:
01 Thomas Slawig CO2-Uptake of the Ocean - Parameter Optimization in Biogeochemical Models
02 Michael Köster Efficiently Solving Optimal Control Problems in CFD Using Space-Time Multigrid Techniques
03 Martin Engel A Newton-Multigrid Method for One-Shot PDE-Constrained Optimization
04 Jens Saak Efficient numerical solution of large scale matrix equations arising in LQR/LQG design for parabolic PDEs
05 Dieter Sirch L-error estimates in non-convex domains with application to optimal control
06 Timo Tonn A-Posteriori Error Estimators for RBM Applied to Quadratic Non-Linear PPDEs (Involving Non-affine Coefficient Functions)
07 Peter Benner Some Approximation Results for Differential Operator-Riccati Equations in PDE Control
08 Anton Schiela State Constrained Optimal Control with Discontinuous States
09 Hanne Tiesler Identification of Material Parameters for Thermal Ablation
10 Winnifried Wollner Adaptive FEM for PDE Constrained Optimization with Pointwise State Constraints
11 Martin Pach Shape Optimization Under Uncertainty -- A Stochastic Programming Perspective
12 Adel Hamdi Alternating approach for solving design optimization problem
13 Stephan Schmidt Analytic and Discrete Shape Hessian Approximations
14 Caslav Ilic Ingredients for Practical Large-Scale Aerodynamic Optimization
15 Ralf Leidenberger Automatic Differentiation for the Optimization of a Ship Propulsion and Steering System
16 Marcus Wagner Edge detection within optical flow by multidimensional control
17 Morten Vierling A semismooth Newton algorithm for the semi-discretization of pde constrained optimization problems with control constraints
Michael Hinze
Volker Schulz

Geomatikum, Bundesstr. 55, D-20146 Hamburg
Lecture room H5 (at the ground floor of the Geomatikum)


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