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Workshop on Field Theories with Defects

The programme will start on Wednesday, 13.2, at 9:00 with the registration and will end on Friday, 15.2, at 13:00. All talks will take place in lecture hall H3 on the ground floor of the "Geomatikum" (Bundesstr. 55, see local information).
There will be "informal dinners" on both evenings, which means that we will suggest a restaurant within walking distance where we can meet for dinner.


The current schedule can be found in this file: [pdf]

Titles of talks

  • Costas Bachas "On Rational extensions of duality groups"
  • Arthur Bartels "Defects between nets I"
  • Ilka Brunner, "Introduction to defects in Landau Ginzburg models" [pdf]
  • David Bücher "Topological defects in perturbed CFTs" [pdf]
  • Jens Fjelstad "Factorization & fundamental correlators in RCFT with defects"
  • Krzysztof Gawedzki "From gerbes to defects with some side steps" [pdf]
  • Andre Henriques "Defects between nets II"
  • Sebastian Novak "2d Spin TFTs from defect TFTs" [pdf]
  • Dmitri Pavlov "Two-dimensional Yang-Mills theory and equivariant TMF"
  • Daniel Plencner "Generalized orbifolds of Landau-Ginzburg models"
  • Thomas Quella "Symmetry breaking defects in conformal field theory - An overview"
  • Rafał Suszek "Defects, gerbes and the gauge anomaly" [pdf]
  • Clement Tauber "Global gauge anomalies in coset models of conformal field theory" [pdf]
  • Alessandro Valentino "Boundary conditions for 3d TFTs and Module Categories"
  • Gérard Watts "Defect scaling Lee-Yang model from the perturbed defect CFT point of view"


The current list of titles and/or abstracts is collected in this file: [pdf]
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