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Research Profile and Faculty

Algebraic, Geometric and Discrete Structures

Algebra and Number Theory
Prof. Tobias Dyckerhoff Higher structures
Prof. Ulf Kühn Number theory and arithmetic geometry
Prof. Birgit Richter Algebraic topology
Prof. Ingo Runkel Lie theory
Prof. Christoph Schweigert Algebra and mathematical physics
Jun.-Prof. Simon Lentner Algebra and mathematical physics
Secretarial office: Astrid Dörhöfer
Analysis and Differential Geometry
Prof. Vicente Cortés Differential geometry
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Klaus Kröncke Differential geometry
Prof. Janko Latschev Symplectic geometry
Dr. Helge Ruddat representation professorship Complex geometry
Prof. Bernd Siebert Complex geometry
Prof. Jörg Teschner Quantum geometry
Secretarial office: Eva Kuhlmann
Heike Wessling
Discrete Mathematics
Prof. Nathan Bowler Graph theory
Prof. Reinhard Diestel Discrete Mathematics
Prof. Mathias Schacht Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics
Secretarial office: Philine Kortmann

Optimization and Partial Differential Equations

Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
Prof. Jörn Behrens Numerical Methods in Geosciences
Prof. Ingenuin Gasser Modelling and Partial Differential Equations
Prof. Reiner Lauterbach Nonlinear analysis and PDEs
Prof. Jens Struckmeier Numerical analysis
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Camilla Nobili Differential Equations and Dynamical systems
Secretarial office: Monika Jampert
Optimization and Approximation
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christina Brandt Mathematical and Computational Methods in Medical Imaging
Prof. Michael Hinze Optimization of complex systems
Prof. Armin Iske Numerical approximation
Prof. Timo Reis Mathematical Systems Theory
Prof. Thomas Schmidt Geometric partial differential equations
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Martin Siebenborn Optimierung and Approximation
Secretarial office: Katrin Kopp
Astrid Benz

Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

Risk Management in Complex Systems
Prof. Holger Drees Actuarial and financial mathematics
Prof. Natalie Neumeyer Mathematical statistics
Prof. Sören Christensen Stochastic processes
Jun.-Prof. Mathias Trabs Mathematical stochastics
Secretarial office: Charlotte Becker, Birgitte Deest

Other groups

Geometry (according to MSC 51)
Prof. Andrea Blunck Mathematics and gender studies; geometry
Prof. Alexander Kreuzer Geometry
Secretarial office: Heike Wessling
Mathematical Logic and Interdisciplinary Applications of Logic
Prof. Benedikt Löwe Mathematical Logic and Interdisciplinary Applications of Logic
Secretarial office: Heike Wessling

Interdisciplinary centres

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