Organized Scientific Events (26 + 5)

Additional events for Enrichment activities with children are listed here.


Future (2022+):

2022 (6)

EXUNMA: Explanation and Understanding with(in) Mathematics (January 16, 2022)

  • With: J. Frans
  • Official part of the World Logic Day 2022
  • Speaker: Vincent Coumans, Atoosa Kasirzadeh, José Antonio Pérez Escobar, Francesca Poggiolesi and Keith Weber

Formalize!(?) - 2 (January 15, 2022)

  • With: J. A. Pérez-Escobar
  • Official part of the World Logic Day 2022
  • Speaker: Merlin Carl, Bernhard Fisseni, Dominik Kirst, Deniz Sarikaya, Bernhard Schröder and Anna Steensen

Logic – A World of Interdisciplinary Science (2) (Online/Dutsin-Ma, 14 January 2022)

  • With: F. Balogun
  • Official part of the World Logic Day 2022
  • Speaker: Marcos Cramer, Michel Gaspar, Deborah Kant, Yurii Khomskii and T. O. William-West.

WLD Haifa: Paths in Logic (Online/Haifa, January 13, 2022)

  • With: B Grabmayr
  • Official part of the World Logic Day 2022
  • Speaker: Thorsten Altenkirch, Menachem Magidor, Michał Godziszewski and Stephan Schulz

Wittgenstein and the formal sciences (Online/Paris, 11 January 2022)

  • With: J. A. Pérez-Escobar
  • Official part of the World Logic Day 2022
  • Speaker: Sorin Bangu, Ryan Dawson, Jordi Fairhurst, Ryan Michaël Miller and Roy Wagner

2021 (6)

Thinking about Proofs: formal, philosophical, linguistical and educational perspectives (27. September 2021)

  • Affiliated Minisymposium to the DMV and ÖMG-annual meeting.
  • Speaker: Neil Barton, Paola Iannone, Bernhard Schröder, Athina Thoma and Keith Weber

Scientific impartiality and marginalized groups (Online/Salzburg, 10. September 2021) Affiliated Workshop to the SOPhia 2021.

  • With: S. Nagler and H. Pillin
  • Speaker: Sally Haslanger, Eugénie Hunsicker, Lara Jost and Vlasta Sikimić

TDPhiMa2: Text-Driven Approaches to the Philosophy of Mathematics 2 (Online/Essen, 1. - 3. September 2021)

  • With: Bernhard Fisseni, Deborah Kant and Bernhard Schröder
  • Speaker: Jeremy Avigad, Silvia De Toffoli, Michael Friedman, Benedikt Loewe, Mikkel Willum Johansen, Henrik Kragh Sørensen, Dirk Schlimm, Bernhard Schröder, Anna Steensen, Fenner Tanswell, Roi Wagner, David Waszek and Keith Weber

Disagreements in Mathematics (Online, 19. - 20. June 2021)

Formalize !?. (Zurich/Online, 16. Januar 2021)

Logic & Phil of Math in the evening*. *CET. (Konstanz/Online, 14. January 2021)

2020 (3)

31th Novembertagung on the History and Philosophy of Mathematics (Online/Berlin, 26. - 28. November 2020)

Hamburg Set Theory Workshop 2020: Descriptive Set Theory, Forcing and the Reals. (Hamburg/Online, 20 - 21 June 2020)

2019 (1)

TDPhiMa: Text-driven Approaches to the Philosophy of Mathematics (Prag, 07.08.2019), Contributed symposium to the CLMPST 2019

  • With: C. Antos and D. Kant
  • Funding by the DVMLG and GWP
  • 8 Speakers: M. Cramer, B. Fisseni, J. L. Gastaldi, K. Heuer, M. Inglis, M.W. Johansen, J. P. Mejía-Ramos, A. Steensen and F.S. Tanswell

2018 (3)

DMV-Studierendenkolleg: UnDecidability (Hamburg, 29. - 30.06.2018)

Foundations in Mathematics: Modern Views (Munich, 04. – 07.04.2018)

Ouroboros. Formal Criteria of Self-Reference in Mathematics and Philosophy (Bonn, 16. – 18.02.2018)

2017 (2)

Philosophische Fragen der Flüchtlingssituation [Philosophical Questions of the refugee crisis] (Berlin, 23. - 25.06.17)

  • With A. Halilović, M. D. Nguyen, M. Sarikaya and M. Trutić
  • Funding by the SdV (Programmlinie: Stipendiaten machen Programm), „Willkommen Aktiv“ of the START-Stiftung and the Hertie Stiftung, the Joachim Herz Stiftung and the START-Alumni e.V.
  • Speaker (11): C. Hentschel, C. Neuhäuser, N. Paulo, C. Schamberger, F. Vidal, and more
  • Written Greetings by J. Gauck (Bundespräsident a.D.)

Humboldt-Kolleg Proof Theory as Mathesis Universalis (Loveno di Menaggio, Como, Italy; 24. - 28.07.17)

2016 (1)

FOMUS: Foundations of Mathematics - Univalient Foundations and Set Theory (Bielefeld, 18. – 23.07.16)

2015 (2)

International Summer Academy 2015 - Transnational Organisierte Kriminalität und ihre Herausforderungen [Transnational Crime and its challenges for society] (Berlin, 22. – 29.08.15)

  • With H. Focken, E. Loose, K. Lunz, R. Swalve (PI), A. v. Voß (PI) and F. Woitek
  • Funding by the DAAD and TK
  • >15 Speakers incl. D. Herrmann, C. Grothoff and U. Helmbrecht and more
  • Under the patronage of justice minister H. Maas (SPD)

Unfehlbarkeit durch Formalismus? [Infallibility by Formalism?] (Bonn, 13. - 15.03.15)

  • With S. Blessenohl, D. Kant and L. Kühne
  • Funding by the SdV and the DMV
  • ~ 80 Participants and 10 Speakers incl. S. Centrone, P. Koepke, C. Reiher, S. Schultz and more
  • Opening talk by G. Gonthier (formalized the 4-color theorem and the odd-order theorem)

2013 (1)

Formal Methods in Narratology (Hamburg, 08. – 10.03.13)

2012 (1)

Forecasting in Science and Economy (Mannheim, 07. – 09.09.12)

  • with F. Fan and K. Rehal
  • Funding by the BCG, DB, and SdV, among others
  • ~ 100 Participants and 11Speakers: including W. Franz and H. v. Storch
  • Opening talk by M. Hüther (former leader of the German Council of Economic Experts)

List of ​abbreviations

Alexander von Humbold-Foundation (AvH), Altonaer Stiftung für Philosophische Grundlagenforschung (ASPG), Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL), Association of German Mathematicians (DMV), Berlin Mathematical School (BMS), Boston Conulting Group (BCG), British Society for the History of Mathematics (BSHM), Center of Interdisciplinary Research (ZiF), Dürr Stiftung Hamburg, Deutsche Bahn AG (DB), Deutsche Vereinigung für Mathematische Logik und für Grundlagenforschung der Exakten Wissenschaften (DVMLG), Fachbereich Grundlagen der Informatik of the German Informatics Society (GI), German Academic Merit Foundation (SdV) (Stipendiaten machen Programm), Hertie Stiftung, German Society for Analytic Philosophy (GAP), German Society for Philosophy of Science (GWP), Joachim Herz Stiftung, Ludus association (Ludus), START-Stiftung, START-Alumni e.V., Tönissteiner Kreis (TK), Verein zur Ausrichtung von Tagungen am Fachbereich Mathematik der Universität Hamburg (VATFBMUHH)