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Nathan Bowler

Lecture course "Infinite Matroid Theory", winter semester 2017/2018

Course notes

There is an overleaf file containing lecture notes for this course (starting at Chapter 2) here. Many thanks to Julia Schawaller for creating these notes and to all who contribute to them.

Exercise sheets (Deadlines in brackets)

There will be one exercise sheet per week.

Here are the exercise sheets:

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Sheet 3

Sheet 4

Sheet 5

Sheet 6

Sheet 7

Sheet 8

Sheet 9

Sheet 10

Sheet 11

Background material:

For information on finite matroids, see `Matroid Theory' by James Oxley. Papers about infinite matroids can be found here. The websites for previous versions of this course can be found here and here.


17.10.   Independent sets
19.10.   Bases and circuits
2.11.   Duality
7.11.   Minors
9.11.   Matroid union and intersection
14.11.   Scrawl systems
16.11.   Algebraic scrawl systems
21.11.   Hereditarily based scrawl systems
23.11.   Infinite matroids
28.11.   Twinned pairs of matroids
30.11.   Limits of diagrams of topological spaces
5.12.   The structure of |G|
7.12.   Topological circuits
12.12.   Definition and examples of tame and wild matroids
14.12.   Axioms for tame matroids
19.12.   Uniform and patchwork matroids
21.12.   Existence of dense antichains
9.1.   Binary thin sums matroids
11.1.   Equivalent characterisations
16.1.   Tangles and torsos
18.1.   Restricting profiles to blocks
23.1.   Extending nested sets of separations

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