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Students are asked to include their matriculation number and program of study in all emails, and to always use their TUHH email address <> so that their request can be processed more quickly.
Current notes

Summer Semester 2022
Lecture-free period (semester break): 18.07.2022 to 14.10.2022.

Winter Semester 2021/2022
First day of lectures: 17. October 2022
Lecture term: 17.10.2022 to 04.02.2023

Please check back regularly for the current situation.
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[Written exams Summer Semester 2022: Math. III + Math. IV]
excercises and solutions / exam results (Math IV + Math III) / exam viewing

SoSe 2022: oral supplementary exams
Information / Registration / Appointments / Sick leave [Information only in German]

Oral Exams to the Winter Term 2021/2022

(Information at the moment only in German)

German webpage

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