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Students are asked to include their matriculation number and program of study in all emails, and to always use their TUHH email address <firstname.lastname@tuhh.de> so that their request can be processed more quickly.

Written Exams in the Summer Semester 2023

All information about the exams (combined from two modules or single module exams) can now be found under the links in the following overview (e.g. exam dates, allowed aids, consultation dates, result lists, inspection dates).

The examination office of the TUHH is responsible for the admission or registration for the examinations (not the organizers).

Mathematics III
(Analysis III and/or Differential Equations I)
Mathematics IV
(Differential Equations II and/or Complex Functions)

Note   Information about the exams "Mathematics I (Analysis I/Linear Algebra I)" and "Mathematics II (Analysis II/Linear Algebra II)" can be found on the website of the Institute of Mathematics of the TUHH.

Information for Students in the "Studienvorbereitungssemester" (SVS)
and for doctoral students with conditions for admission to further studies

All information on the current examination dates (incl. location and time information) can be found on the website of the Central Examination Office (ZPA) of the TU Hamburg (TUHH).

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