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Winter Semester 2023/2024
Semester break: Mon, 05.02.2024 to Mon, 01.04.2024

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Teaching Export to the Technical University Hamburg (TUHH)

Since the Winter Term 1999/2000, the basic education in mathematics is held together in modularized form for all study programs. The exercise groups continue to be offered separately according to study deanships as far as possible.

The lectures of the basic studies are called:

  • Analysis I, Analysis II
  • Lineare Algebra I, Lineare Algebra II
  • Analysis III
  • Differential Equations I
  • Differential Equations II
  • Complex Functions

The courses Linear Algebra I (Mathematics I) and Linear Algebra II (Mathematics II) are taught by the Institute of Mathematics at TUHH.

As of the winter semester 2021/2022, the courses to Mathematics I (Analysis I + Linear Algebra I) and to Mathematics II (Analysis II + Linear Algebra II) will be taught entirely by the Institute of Mathematics at the TUHH. Further information can be found on the internet pages of the Institute of Mathematics.

The courses Analysis I-II (until 2021), Analysis III, Differential Equations I-II and Complex Functions are taught by the Department of Mathematics at the University of Hamburg.

Starting with the winter semester 2021/2022, the courses to Mathematics III (Analysis III + Differential Equations I) and to Mathematics IV (Differential Equations II + Complex Functions) will be offered by the Department of Mathematics of the University of Hamburg in German and in English.

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