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Courses Fall 2012

Main Lectures


Course: Algebra II
Instructor: Wockel
Course: Algebraic Geometry
Instructor: Kühn
Course: Complex analysis II
Instructor: Runkel
Course: Hopf algebras
Instructor: Schweigert
Course: Introduction to symplectic geometry
Instructor: Latschev


Course: General Relativity
Instructor: Sigl
Course: Quantum Field Theory I
Instructor: Moch
Course: Quantum Mechanics II
Instructor: Mirizzi

Specialised Lectures


Course: Analytic methods in affine differential geometry
Instructor: Cortés


Course: Advanced Quantum Field Theory
Instructor: Fredenhagen
Course: Introduction to Supersymmetry and Supergravity
Instructor: Boels
Course: Standard Model and LHC Physics
Instructor: Kersten, Weiglein
Course: Theoretical Cosmology
Instructor: Westphal
Course: (Grand) Unified Theories
Instructor: Buchmüller


Course: Seminar on Differential Geometry
Instructor: Goertsches
Course: Seminar on Functional Analysis
Instructor: Hinze

For time and place, ECTS credit points and further information, please see the "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" in STiNE or the links to the courses. For time and place, ECTS credit points and further information, please click the links to the courses or see the list of lectures in STiNE.
If you are in doubt which courses to take, please feel free to discuss your choice of courses with the Spokesperson or the Study Advisor. For information on course requirements and credits, please see our page on the degree structure.

PrepCourse: Concepts and Methods of Mathematical Physics

in block form: Tuesday 09.10.2012 to Friday 12.10.2012 (10:00-12:30 and 13:30-16:00), Geom H3
Course: Concepts and Methods of Mathematical Physics
Instructor: Dr. Alessandro Valentino
Lecture Notes of previous years

The PrepCourse offers a survey of mathematical techniques and, at the same, aims at bringing together master students from all mathematical master programs. Participation is not obligatory, but recommended. There is no exam, and no credit points are assigned to the course.