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Master Programme in Mathematical Physics

The Master programme in Mathematical Physics is rooted in the well-established scientific cooperation between the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Physics and the Theoretical Physics Research Group of DESY, one of the world's leading centres for the investigation of the structure of matter. The Master programme involves the following research groups

Hamburg University has a strong tradition of research in mathematical physics and is very active in current research at the interface of the two subjects. The Master programme in Mathematical Physics is embedded into an environment of several large-scale research and training activities. In particular, the participating research groups are part of the following research and teaching clusters:

As a research oriented programme, the Master programme in Mathematical Physics benefits from a broad range of expertise at the interface of mathematics and physics and the close interdisciplinary collaboration of the research groups. The participating research groups offer a variety of joint weekly research seminars as well as biweekly seminars in the framework of the Center for Mathematical Physics. Participants of the Master programme can also benefit from the graduate lectures and seminars of the Research Training Group GRK 1670: Mathematics Inspired by String Theory and Quantum Field Theory as well as the lectures and seminars of the Cluster of Excellence Quantum Universe.