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Degree Structure

The first year consists of intensive lecture courses and advanced seminars, which are organised into a module system. With close assistance from research staff, each student chooses modules, taking a majority from the two main blocks of Pure Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. The participants are required to obtain at least 60 ECTS points in the first year of study. They are expected to take at least one main lecture from each of the two blocks and at least one seminar.

Upon request, all modules will be taught in English. A detailed list of the courses offered in a given term is given on our courses page. For a description of the scientific background necessary for successful participation in the Master courses see our application page.

The second year of the Master programme consists of a project under individual supervision. It provides the participants with a first experience in research and serves as a preparation for PhD studies. The participants are expected to choose a supervisor and a project by the beginning of the second year of their studies. The supervisor will advise them on their choice of courses according to the needs of their project.

The current choice of supervisors includes in particular

Department of Mathematics:
Prof. Cortés, Prof. Dyckerhoff, JProf. Holstein, PD Dr. Holtkamp, Prof. Kühn, Prof. Latschev, JProf. Lentner, Prof. Richter, Prof. Runkel, Prof. Schweigert, Prof. Wedrich, Prof. Teschner.

Department of Physics:
Prof. Arutyunov, Prof. Weigand.

DESY Theory Group:
Prof. Schomerus, Prof. Teschner.

If a student intends to work with a supervisor at DESY or outside these groups, he or she should contact the head of the examination committee well in advance.

The following table illustrates the schedule for a degree with a physics focus (ECTS stands for the credit points according to the the European Credit Transfer System).

Term 1 Course I Physics
(8 ECTS)
2 Courses Mathematics
(12 ECTS)
(10 ECTS)
Term 2 Course II Physics
(8 ECTS)
Course III Physics
(8 ECTS)
(8 ECTS)
(6 ECTS)
Term 3 Introductory project Preparatory project
Term 4 Master Thesis

Further information:

The course schemes for mathematical and physical focus represent two extremal choices of focus. Any choice of courses that between these two extremes is possible and likely to occur in practice.

Rules and Regulations

The general rules and regulations that apply to students enrolled in the Master in Mathematical physics are given in the Regulations(FSB) for the M.Sc. Mathematical Physics and the General Examination Regulations(PO) for Master Programmes in the Natural Sciences .

Decisions regarding examination issues are taken by the Examination committee. This covers

  • Changes of the master thesis advisor more than 6 weeks after the beginning of the project.
  • Admission of master thesis advisors other than the ones listed above.
  • Decisions on the course schedule of part-time students.
  • Special accommodations for students with disabilities.
  • Decisions on the admissibility of languages other than English or German for master theses.
  • Decisions on time extensions for the master project in special circumstances.
  • Reception of medical certificates in the case of non-attendance or preliminary termination of exams.
  • Decisions regarding fraudulent behaviour in examinations.
  • Decisions on appeals against examination procedures or examination results.

Students have the right to appeal these decisions.

The Examination committee currently includes the following members:

Faculty Representatives
Prof. I.Runkel (Head of committee), Delegate: Prof. C.Schweigert;
Prof. J.Latschev, Delegate: Prof. V.Cortés
Prof. Gleb Arutyunov, Delegate: Prof. Jörg Teschner
PD Dr. R.Holtkamp
Student Representatives
Gut, Menz

Contact details for the student representatives are available from the office of academic affairs Studienbüro Mathematik upon request.