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Courses Spring 2013

Main Lectures


Course: Topology II
Instructor: Richter
Course: Higher Structures on Differential Geometry
Instructor: Wockel
Course: Lie Groups
Instructor: Goertsches


Course: Quantum Field Theory II
Instructor: Moch
Course: Phenomenology of physics beyond the standard model
Instructor: Moortgat-Pick

Specialised Lectures


Course: Algebraic Geometry
Instructor: Siebert


Course: Intensive Course on String theory (String Steilkurs)
Instructor: Louis, Teschner
Course: Introduction to string theory
Instructor: Schomerus
Course: Quantum Chromodynamics
Instructor: Bierenbaum, Moch
Course: Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology
Instructor: Buchmüller, Sigl


Course: Seminar Mathematical Aspects of Theoretical Physics
Instructor: Teschner
Course: Seminar on Algebra (Representation Theory)
Instructor: Holtkamp

For time and place, ECTS credit points and further information, please see the "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" in STiNE or the links to the courses. For time and place, ECTS credit points and further information, please click the links to the courses or see the list of lectures in STiNE.
If you are in doubt which courses to take, please feel free to discuss your choice of courses with the Spokesperson or the Study Advisor. For information on course requirements and credits, please see our page on the degree structure.