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Dr. Felix Schwenninger

Lecture and Exercise class ``Fourier Analysis'' (STiNE courses 65-445, 65-446)

Organisation: Felix Schwenninger (UH)

Lecture: Mondays 10.15--11.45, H3

Literature and prerequisites:

In this course we will strongly rely on concepts from measure theory (e.g. Lebesgue integration, Lp spaces,..), functional analysis (e.g. bounded linear operators on Banach spaces, uniform boundedness principle, Hahn-Banach, closed graph,..) -- it should go without saying that fundamentals from analysis (Bachelor courses) will be required too. If any of the mentioned keywords does not ''ring a bell'' you better consult relevant literature, such as for example Tao's book 'An Epsilon of Room, I: Real Analysis', available as online version (see the link) as well as in the library.

Further reading: Among the vast literature on Fourier Analysis, the books by Y. Katznelson ('An Introduction to Harmonic Analysis', Cambridge University Press) and L. Grafakos ('Classical Fourier Analysis', Springer Graduate Texts in Mathematics) shall be mentioned here.

A preliminary version of the lecture notes ( July 18) can be found here.

Exercise classes: Mondays (biweekly) 12.15--13.45, Geom 435, starting from April 16 (16.4., 30.4.,14.5., 28.5., 11.6.,25.6.,9.7.)

Exercise sheet 1
Exercise sheet 2, Remarks and some solutions to Exercise Sheet 2
Exercise sheet 3
Exercise sheet 4
Exercise sheet 5 Remarks and some solutions to Exercise Sheet 5
Exercise sheet 6
Exercise sheet 7 Remarks and some solutions to Exercise Sheet 7

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