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Camilla Nobili

Research topics

Turbulent convection.
Mixing by incompressible fluids.
Irregular transport and anomalous dissipation.
Regularity-analysis on Stokes flow and Navier-Stokes equation.


  • Camilla Nobili and Fabio Punzo: Uniqueness for degenerate parabolic equations in weighted L^1 spaces (preprint, 2020)
  • Camilla Nobili and Steffen Pottel: Lower bounds on mixing norms for the advection diffusion equation in R^d (preprint, 2020)
  • Giovanni Fantuzzi, Camilla Nobili and Andrew Wynn: New bounds on the vertical heat transport for Bénard-Marangoni convection at infinite Prandtl number, Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2020)
  • Camilla Nobili and Christian Seis: Renormalization and energy conservation for axisymmetric fluid flows. Mathematische Annalen, 2020.
  • Felix Otto, Steffen Pottel and Camilla Nobili: Rigorous bounds on scaling laws in fluid dynamics. Mathematical thermodynamics of complex fluids, Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Springer (2018).
  • Charles R. Doering and Camilla Nobili: Lecture on Stirring, Mixing and Transport. Transport, Fluids and Mixing, De Gruyter Open (2017).
  • Peter Constantin, Laura Keller, Camilla Nobili: Existence, uniqueness, regularity andlong time behaviour of hydrodynamic evolution equations. Transport, Fluids and Mixing, De Gruyter Open (2017).
  • Gianluca Crippa, Camilla Nobili, Christian Seis and Stefano Spirito. Eulerian and Lagrangian solutions to the continuity and Euler equations with $L^1$ vorticity. SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis 49:3973-3998 (2017).
  • Camilla Nobili and Felix Otto: Limitations of the background field method applied to Rayleigh-Bénard convection. Journal of Mathematical Physics 58:093102 (2017).
  • Antoine Choffrut, Camilla Nobili and Felix Otto: A maximal regularity estimate for the non-stationary Stokes equation in the strip. Journal of Differential Equations 260:5589-5626 (2016).
  • Antoine Choffrut, Camilla Nobili and Felix Otto: Upper bounds on Nusselt number at finite Prandtl number. Journal of Differential Equations 260:3860-3880 (2016).
  • Camilla Nobili: Turbulent convection: bounds on the Nusselt number. PhD Thesis, Universität Leipzig, 2015.

Master Thesis 2011: Semilinear parabolic equations in the hyperbolic space, Sapienza University of Rome.
Bachelor Thesis 2009: Comparison of solutions to differential problems via symmetrization, Sapienza University of Rome.

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