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Camilla Nobili


Patrial Differential Equations HS2020/2021

Harmonic Analysis/PDEs FS2020

Seminar on Selected Topics in Modern Fourier Analysis FS2020

Advanced topics in Fluid Dynamics HS2019/2020

Harmonic Analysis FS2019

The Navier-Stokes equation HS2018/2019

Nonlinear systems HS2018/2019

Gewöhnliche Differentialgleichungen und Dynamische Systeme FS2018

Reelle Analysis HS2017 (Universität Basel)

Reelle Analysis HS2016 (Universität Basel)

Pseudodifferential Operators and Function Spaces --Assistant-- HS2015 (Universität Basel)

Harmonic Analysis --Assistant-- FS2015 (Universität Basel)

  Seitenanfang  Impress 2020-10-23, Camilla Nobili