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Paul Wedrich

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Prof. Dr. Paul Wedrich
Department of Mathematics
Research Group AZ (Algebra and Number Theory)
Bundesstr. 55 (Geomatikum)
20146 Hamburg
Room 318
pronouns: he/him
phone: +49 40 42838-5181
secr. phone: +49 40 42838-5171 (Ms. Zimmer)
Erasmus office phone: +49 40 42838-5108 (Ms. Mehrabadi)
email: paul.wedrich (at) uni-hamburg.de
external personal website

I am an equal opportunity representative and the ERASMUS coordinator at the Department of Mathematics, a principal investigator in the cluster of excellence Quantum Universe, and a member of the management team of the Collaborative Research Center 1624 Higher Structures, moduli spaces and integrability.

The multimedia studio at the department of mathematics.

Our group is bringing the international mathematical competition Náboj to Hamburg. In 2024 it will be held on April 19.

Office hours:
only by appointment (via Email)

Teaching, summer semester 2024:

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