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Categorical Algebra, summer semester 2022

This is the website (under construction) for the Seminar on Categorical Algebra: Braids, bimodules, and bicategories.


We will develop the categorical algebra which underpins quantum invariants of knots, links and tangles, such as the Jones polynomial, as well as categorified quantum invariants, such as Khovanov homology.

This seminar is mainly aimed at Masters and advanced Bachelor students in Mathematics and Mathematical Physics.

Prerequisites: basic notions from algebra and category theory.


There will be a preparatory meeting on 15th March 2022, 10:15am via BBB.

The seminar will be held in person:

  • Monday, 16:15-17:45, Room 435, Geomatikum, 4th Apr 22 - 11th Jul 22


The seminar outline will be continually expanded and updated throughout the semester.


David Reutter.

Paul Wedrich.

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