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Advanced Algebra, summer semester 2022

This is the website for the lecture course on Advanced Algebra and its associated exercise class.


This course covers a selection of algebraic concepts and techniques that are used in many areas of mathematics. The starting point is the theory of rings and modules, from which we will proceed to topics in representation theory and the basics of homological algebra.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with basic notions from algebra (groups, rings) and a solid foundation in linear algebra. Previous (or parallel) exposure to category theory or representation theory (e.g. of Lie algebras) may be beneficial, but is not essential.


Lectures will be in person (please get in contact if you cannot participate in person):

  • Tuesday, 10:15-11:45, Geomatikum H3, 5th Apr 22 - 12th Jul 22
  • Thursday, 10:15-11:45, Geomatikum H6, 7th Apr 22 - 14th Jul 22

Exercise classes will also be in person (please get in contact if you cannot participate in person):

  • Tuesday, 12:15-13:45, Room 241, Geomatikum, 5th Apr 22 - 12th Jul 22.


Lecture notes were provided during the semester (available now upon request).

Additional references: TBC

Exercise sheets:

The preparatory meeting for the exercise classes was on 5th April 22.


There will be an oral exam. To qualify for the exam, you should solve at least 40% of the homework problems, hand in at least 2 out of 3 written assignments, and present on the board at least twice.

PhD student?

If you are a PhD student and you would like to take this course, please send me an email.


Paul Wedrich.

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