I was born in a tiny village in southern Italy some time ago, where I lived since I was 19 years old.
As a teenager, I attended P.S. Mancini High School for 5 years, where apart from literature, latin, and philosophy, I studied physics and mathematics from the start.
I then moved to Naples to study Physics at the University of Naples Federico II, where I got interested in mathematical physics, probably due to the ghost of Ettore Majorana, who gave there his first (and last) class in theoretical physics.
After a year spent studying advanced topics in mathematics and physics, in 2005 I landed in Edinburgh, first one in several generations to live abroad.
I've been a Ph.D. student at the Heriot-Watt Maths Department under the supervision of Prof. Richard J. Szabo, and I successfully passed my Ph.D. exam in September 2008.

From October 2008 to October 2010, I was a Post-Doc at the Courant Research Center, Goettingen, Germany.

Since October 2010, I hold a Post-Doc position at the Mathematics department in Hamburg University, Germany.