Trained as a guitar player, since a while I've been interested in electronic music. Be it either granular synthesis, generative music, or idm, it will probably satisfy my taste. I'm also very interested in the boundaries between mathematics, signal theory, and music. Visual art is also something that fascinates me a lot.
I have a musical alter ego travelling in the ocean of the Internet. I will not tell you anything about that, though: I'm confident that if you search enough, you'll come in contact with him.

Selected Readings

  • M. Puckette, The Theory and Technique of Electronic Music
  • A. Cipriani, M. Giri, Electronic Music and Sound Design - Theory and Practice with Max/MSP - volume 1
  • B. Eno, Generative Music
  • Aphex Twin, Interview

  • Selected Listenings

  • Aphex Twin/Vordhosbn
  • Moderat/Les Grandes Marches
  • Monolake/Discontinuity
  • Plaid/Eyen
  • Steve Reich/Music for 18 Musicians
  • port-royal/I Used To Be Sad
  • Four Tet/My Angel Rocks Back And Forth