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For more information on the courses in Hamburg see here

Winter term 2020-2021

  • Applied Functional Analysis (U Twente) (Lectures and Tutorials)
  • Signals with Information (U Twente), (Lectures and Tutorials)
    together with G. Meinsma within "U Twente Honours track Mathematics"
  • Systems and Signals (U Twente), (Lectures and Tutorials for engineering students)
  • Systems Theory for math students (U Twente), (Tutorials and Project supervision),
  • Seminar on C*-algebras (Hamburg)

Summer term 2020

Winter term 2019-2020

Winter term 2018-2019

Summer term 2018

Winter term 2017-18

Summer term 2017

  • Tutorials for course "Functional Analysis"

Winter term 2016-17

  • Seminar ``Linear parabolic Equations''
  • Tutorials Mathematik III (Differentialgleichungen) at TUHH

Supervised Students

  • Masterarbeit: Pisier’s example on polynomially bounded operators, Christian Emmel (2020), Hamburg
  • Bachelor thesis: Crouzeix's conjecture, Dorothea von Criegern (2019), Hamburg
  • Bachelor thesis: The Kreiss-Matrix Theorem and power-bounded operators, Christian Emmel (2018), Hamburg
  • Bachelor thesis: Orlicz-Räme, I-Hao Chen (2018), Hamburg