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  • The recently advertised PhD position (NWO Project: Optimal Constants as Analytic Benchmarks) has been filled.
    Projects and Positions
  • General information on hiring: current job offers can be found above and on the website of the University of Twente. Strong unsolicited applications within my research interests can be sent by email.
  • The PhD position within the project Predictive Avatar Control and Feedback (PACOF) (joint with D. Dresscher and G. Englebienne) has been filled (June 2021). See also the news article here.
  • My project (joint with Birgit Jacob) Evolution equations: Inputs and Stability has been accepted for funding by the DFG. We are glad to announce that the PhD position could alread be filled (March 2020)

My research interests lie in (functional) analysis; in particular operator theory (semigroups, functional calculus & its applications) and the interplay with partial differential equations in infinite dimensional systems theory.

short cv

In Fall 2014 I was on a short term research stay at the Department of Mathematics at Virgina Tech, VA, as a visitor of Joseph Ball.

I did my Bachelor and Master studies in mathematics at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Vienna, Austria. In 2010 I spent an exchange semester at Lund University, Sweden.

A few (German) words about why I like math can be found here.