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Research Seminar - Winter term 2020


This is the joint research seminar of the groups of Christoph Schweigert and Ingo Runkel. The seminar takes place
  • Tuesdays, probably 15:00-16:30 online, to be confirmed
The plan for this term is (subject to change):
  • extra: Mon, 21.9, 10:00: MSc defenses of Julian Farnsteiner (Generalized Frobenius-Schur Indicators from Turaev-Viro Invariants) and David Jaklitsch (Towards an equivariant Morita theory for graded finite tensor categories)
  • extra: Wed, 30.9, 14:15: Konrad Waldorf on "2-vector bundles, string geometry, and twisted K-theory"
  • Tue, 3.11: (no seminar)
  • Tue, 10.11: Vincentas Mulevicius, Defects and orbifolds of Reshetikhin-Turaev TQFTs
  • extra: Thu, 12.11, 21:00-22:00 German time, talk by Christoph Schweigert here: [link to UQSL] (a shorter version of this talk will be part of the QU-day on 17.11)
  • Tue, 17.11: QU day instead of seminar, 14:20-15:00 talk by Christoph Schweigert on "Symmetries of projected entangled pair states and TFT-holography"
  • Tue, 24.11: Thomas Creutzig, Translation of W-algebras
  • Tue, 1.12: Matthias Traube, Cardy Algebras, Sewing Constraints and String-Nets
  • Tue, 8.12: joint event with HIM in Bonn:
    • 13:30-14:45: Thorsten Heidersdorf, Generalized negligible morphisms [slides]
    • 14:45-15:00: (short break)
    • 15:00-16:15: Ingo Runkel, 3d TQFT from not necessarily semisimple modular tensor categories [slides]
  • Tue, 15.12: joint event with HIM in Bonn:
    • 13:30-14:45: David Reutter, From non-unital skein theory to modified traces and non-semisimple topological field theories [slides]
    • 14:45-15:00: (short break)
    • 15:00-16:15: Christoph Schweigert [slides]
  • Tue, 5.1: Kasia Rejzner, BV formalism - in perturbative algebraic QFT and using factorisation algebras: part 1
  • Tue, 12.1: Kasia Rejzner, BV formalism - in perturbative algebraic QFT and using factorisation algebras: part 2 [slides for both parts]
  • Tue, 19.1: QU day instead of seminar
  • Tue, 26.1: Simon Wood, From vertex operator algebras to tensor products [slides]
  • Tue, 2.2: Paul Wedrich, Khovanov homology and invariants of 4-manifolds [slides]
  • Tue, 9.2: (no research seminar)
  • Tue, 16.2 Simon Lentner, Towards deriving TFTs and eventually CFTs [slides]

  Seitenanfang  Impressum 2021-02-26, Ingo Runkel