Matthias Kriesell


Matthias Kriesell
Department of Mathematics
Universität Hamburg
Bundesstraße 55
D-20146 Hamburg




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  5. Orientations with prescribed outdegrees mod 3 of graphs where every edge is on some short cycles, IMADA Preprint PP-2008-14, submitted.

  6. Degree Sequences and Edge Connectivity, Preprint 282 at Hamburger Beiträge zur Mathematik, submitted.

Refereed Publications

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  1. Linear Algebra I / II (supervision; fall/winter 2009 to summer 2010)

  2. Graph Connectivity Theory, fall/winter 2008

  3. Algebraic Graph Theory, summer 2008

  4. Graph Theory II, summer 2007

  5. Graph Theory I, fall/winter 2006

  6. Matroid Theory, summer 2006

  7. Combinatorial Optimization, summer 2005

  8. Codes & Designs, fall/winter 2004

  9. Algebraic Combinatorics, fall/winter 2003

  10. Matroid Theory, summer 2003

  11. Graph Theory, fall/winter 2002

  12. Combinatorics, fall/winter 2001

  13. The 4-Colour-Problem, fall/winter 2001

  14. Discrete Optimization, summer 2001

June 18th, 2010