Research seminar on higher structures



The topic of this seminar will be factorization homology. Preliminary schedule.


Talk 1 (Apr 1)Introduction and organization(Tobias Dyckerhoff)
Talk 2 (Apr 08) Classical operads (Angus Rush)Notes
Talk 3 (Apr 15) Symmetric monoidal ∞-categories(David Jaklitsch)
Talk 4 (Apr 29) ∞-operads (Hendrik Laß)
Talk 5 (May 06) En-operads(Merlin Christ)Notes
Talk 6 (May 13) Little cubes in Manifolds(Severin Bunk)Notes
Talk 7 (May 20) Topological chiral homology(Tobias Dyckerhoff)
Talk 8 (May 27) Models for (∞,n)-categories(Walker Stern)Notes
Talk 9 (Jun 03) The cobordism hypothesis(Iordanis Romaidis)Notes
Talk 10 (Jun 17) Factorization homology and extended TFTs(Manuel Araujo)
Talk 11 (Jun 24) Homotopy coherent adjunctions and the formal theory of monads(Fernando Abellan Garcia)
Talk 12 (Jul 01) Factorization homology for (∞,n)-categories I(Tobias Dyckerhoff)
Talk 13 (Jul 08) Factorization homology for (∞,n)-categories II(Tobias Dyckerhoff)


Familiarity with basic ∞-category theory as developed in Chapters 1-4 of the book Higher Topos Theory.