2. Structural Inference Day

Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics
April 23, 2012

Because of the increasing availability of data, statistics plays a more and more prominent role in many scientific and practical areas. On the other hand, the most general realistic models are usually very complex such that poor statistical precision is very common in spite of the large amount of data. Therefore, new methods and tools are necessary that adapt to partially unknown structures underlying high-dimensional complex data to obtain more accurate estimates.

On April 23, 2012 a workshop devoted to such problems of structural inference will take place at the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics (WIAS) (Mohrenstr. 39, 10117 Berlin). The two main speakers are Massimiliano Pontil (University College London), a leading expert in machine learning theory and pattern recognition, and Patricia Reynaud-Bouret (University of Nice), who is renowned for her contribution to the theory of adaptive estimation. Below you find a preliminary program, which will be regularly updated.

The workshop is organized by the DFG-research unit FOR 1735: Structural Inference in Statistics: Adaption and Efficiency. The participation is for free and everyone is heartily invited. However, to facilitate the organization of this one-day workshop, please send an e-mail with the subject Structural Inference Day to andresen@wias-berlin.de if you intend to participate.


Time Speaker and title Room
10:30 Patricia Reynaud-Bouret (University of Nice): The two-sample problem for Poisson processes: adaptive tests with a non asymptotic wild bootstrap approachErhard-Schmidt lecture room
11:30 Coffee break
12:00 Gilles Blanchard (University of Potsdam): Multiple testing over a continuous domain of null hypotheses Erhard-Schmidt lecture room
12:30 Thorsten Dickhaus (Humboldt University Berlin): Simultaneous test procedures in terms of p-value copulaeErhard-Schmidt lecture room
13:00 Lunch break
14:15 Massimiliano Pontil (University College London): Multi-task Learning: Theory and PracticeErhard-Schmidt lecture room
15:15 Angelika Rohde (University of Hamburg): Accuracy of empirical projections of high-dimensional Gaussian matricesErhard-Schmidt lecture room
15:45 Coffee break
16:15 Andreas Andresen (WIAS Berlin): Nonasymptotic Wilks phenomenon in semiparametric estimation406
16:45 Ulrike von Luxburg (University of Hamburg): Phase transition in random walk distances on graphs 406
17:15 Alexander Meister (University of Rostock): Nonparametric regression for group testing data 406
17:45 Closing

Here you may check how to reach the venue by public transport.

If you have further questions concerning the Structural Inference Day 2012 do not hesitate to contact Andreas Andresen (andresen@wias-berlin.de).

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