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Nathan Bowler

Lecture course "Matroid Theory", winter semester 2016/17

Exercise sheets

There will be one exercise sheet per week.

Here are the exercise sheets:

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

Sheet 3

Sheet 4

Sheet 5

Sheet 6

Sheet 7

Sheet 8

Sheet 9

Sheet 10

Sheet 11

Background material:

Tobias Dummschat is kindly putting notes for the course online here. Lucas Wansner provided his lecture notes for the first 3 chapters of an earlier course on the same subject. The course is based on the book `Matroid Theory' by James Oxley. We will only discuss finite matroids


3.4.   Implementation of matroids in terms of independent sets; bases.
5.4.   Circuits and the rank function
10.4.   Closure operators and geometric presentations
12.4.   Duality: definition and fundamental properties
17.4.   Duals of representable matroids

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