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Colloquium Logicum 2016

10 - 12. September 2016

The Colloquium Logicum is the biannual meeting of the Deutschen Vereinigung für Mathematische Logik und für Grundlagenforschung in den exakten Wissenschaften (DVMLG). Past Colloquia Logica have taken place in Berlin (1998), Dresden (2000), Münster (2002), Heidelberg (2004), Bonn (2006), Darmstadt (2008), Münster (2010), Paderborn (2012) und München (2014). Since 2002 the PhD Colloquium, in which outstanding PhD projects in logic are presented, is an integral part of the Colloquium Logicum. The members of the DVMLG nominate candidates, out of which the speakers will be selected by the Programme Committee of the Colloquium Logicum.

Local Organisers. Alexander C. Block, Yurii Khomskii, Benedikt Löwe.

Programme Committee. Matthias Aschenbrenner (Los Angeles, USA), Arnold Beckmann (Swansea, UK), Manuel Bodirsky (Dresden, Germany), Martin Hils (Paris, France), Benedikt Löwe (Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Hamburg, Germany), Thomas Müller (Konstanz, Germany), Anca Muscholl (Bordeaux, France), Michael Rathjen (Leeds, UK), Olivier Roy (Bayreuth, Germany), Nicole Schweikardt (Berlin, Germany), Mariya Soskova (Sofia, Bulgaria), Martin Ziegler (Daejeon, South Korea)

Invited Speakers.

PhD Colloquium Speakers.

Submissions. The programme committee invites the submission of abstracts of papers of all fields of research covered by the DVMLG: mathematical logic and the foundations of the exact sciences (including logic in philosophy, computer science and artificial intelligence).

Please see the Call for Abstracts for details.

The Colloquium Logicum 2016 is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft under DFG-grant LO 834/14-1.


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