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Running doctoral projects:

L. Hoang Huy
Vector relative degree and closed-loop control of differential-algebraic systems
I. Dorschky
Structure-preserving model reduction for mechanical systems
A. Massoudi
Numerical analysis of operator Riccati and Lur'e equations
M. Puche
Adaptive control of hyperbolic systems
O. Rendel
Matrix equations in control of differential-algebraic equations

Running master theses:

B. Bode
Connection of differential-algebraic systems
F. Haller
Optimal control of time-varying differential-algebraic systems

Completed diploma theses:

P. Wolters
Efficient numerical algorithms for circuit synthesis

Completed master theses:

D. Autzen
Model reduction for RC Circuits
I. Dorschky
Transfer functions of differential-algebraic systems
P. Henze
Model order reduction for dissipative systems
M. Puche
Input-output-operators of differential-algebraic systems
M. Langbehn
Operator Lyapunov equations for delay-differential systems

Completed bachelor theses:

F. Haller
Lyapunov equations for differential-algebraic systems
F. Glazov
Systems theoretic properties of electrical circuits
P.M. Berg
Linear-quadratic optimal control of time-varying systems
F. Dreyer
Algebraic Riccati equations with indefinite quadratic term
L. Berker
Distributional Laplace transformation
M. Farhat
Optimization of a solver for parabolic partial differential equations
F. Gnegel
Funnel control for regular infinite-dimensional systems
H. Ipach
Graph theoretical applications in analysis of electrical circuits
M. Langbehn
Numerical solution of equations arising in the positive real lemma - the singular case

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