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Running doctoral projects:

I. Dorschky
Structure-preserving model reduction for mechanical systems
F. Haller
Dissipativity and Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations for nonlinear differential-algebraic systems

Completed doctoral projects:

M. Puche
Adaptive control of hyperbolic systems
external referees: H. Zwart (Twente) and M. Tucsnak (Bordeaux)
L. Hoang Huy
Funnel control for systems with known vector relative degree
external referees: M. Gerdts (München) and A. Ilchmann (Ilmenau)
A. Massoudi
Numerical Algorithms for Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control of Well-Posed Linear Systems

Completed diploma theses:

P. Wolters
Efficient numerical algorithms for circuit synthesis

Completed master theses:

S. Herbst
Funnel control for systems with higher relative degree - comparison of several approaches
S. Jadhav
Convergence of consensus algorithms for multi-agent systems under communication constraints
S. Ghoorchian
Kernelized principal component analysis of a linear parameter varying model of the gyroscope
V. Paneva
Dynamic control of a hydraulic test bench
B. Bode
Arithmetic operations for differential-algebraic systems
F. Haller
Linear-quadratic optimal control of time-varying differential-algebraic systems
M. Puche
Differential-algebraic operators
I. Dorschky
Transfer functions of differential-algebraic systems
D. Autzen
Balanced truncation for RC circuits
P. Henze
Model order reduction for dissipative systems
M. Langbehn
Operator Lyapunov equations for delay-differential systems

Completed bachelor theses:

G. Kröger
Flatness of differential-algebraic systems
S. Kulas
The Crandall-Liggett theorem
F. Haller
Lyapunov equations for differential-algebraic systems
F. Glazov
Systems theoretic properties of electrical circuits
P.M. Berg
Linear-quadratic optimal control of time-varying systems
F. Dreyer
Algebraic Riccati equations with indefinite quadratic term
L. Berker
Distributional Laplace transformation
M. Farhat
Optimization of a solver for parabolic partial differential equations
F. Gnegel
Funnel control for regular infinite-dimensional systems
H. Ipach
Graph theoretical applications in analysis of electrical circuits
M. Langbehn
Numerical solution of equations arising in the positive real lemma - the singular case

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