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Contribute to this New Volume:

Applications of Differential-Algebraic Equations: Examples and Benchmarks

Editors: Steve Campbell, Achim Ilchmann, Volker Mehrmann and Timo Reis

DAE Forum The present planned volume in the DAE-FORUM series will encompass prototypical, innovative and emerging examples and benchmarks of DAEs such as electrical networks, chemical reactors, multibody systems, multiphysics models, to name but a few. Applications may be to a particular problem or to another area of mathematics or science.

Each article (15-40 pages) should start with a modelling section explaining whether the model is prototypical and for which applications it is used, followed by a mathematical analysis, and - if appropriate - a discussion of the numerical aspects including simulation. Benchmark examples are welcome. All chapters in this upcoming issue of DAE-F will be published "OnlineFirst" with an individual DOI, i.e. contributions are visible and citable already before completion of the book.
We have a number of authors already, but we are open to consideration of additional contributors, especially in new applications. If you would like to suggest any names for our consideration, please feel free to suggest them along with their area of application.
If you are interested in contributing, you may submit your manuscript directly via the link below until August 1, 2017, choosing the article type "Special Issue: Benchmarks in DAEs" from the drop down menu in the submission system. If you would like to discuss your project with us, please feel free to contact any of the four editors.
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