Amsterdam workshop in set theory
June 1st and 2nd, 2010

On Tuesday 1 June 2010 at 11:00am, Daisuke Ikegami will publicly defend his PhD thesis entitled "Games in Set Theory and Logic" in the Oude Lutherse Kerk in Amsterdam. Following the defense, we shall hold a set theory workshop where the members of the committee, local set theorists and some additional guests will give talks. Every interested researcher is cordially invited.

Oudemanhuispoort, Room A.008
Universiteit van Amsterdam.


Tuesday 1 June
15.00-16.00:   Jouko Väänänen              Strong logics.     Abstract
16.15-16.45:   Katie Thompson Generalisations of scattered orders.
16.45-17.15:   Christoph Weiss The ``tree property'' for supercompactness.     Slides
17.45-18.45:   Jörg Brendle An (ω,ω1)-Rothberger gap.

Wednesday 2 June
09.30-10.30:   Joan Bagaria                   Strong large cardinals as reflection principles.     Abstract
11.00-11.30:   Yurii Khomskii Polarized partitions on the second level of the projective hierarchy.     Abstract
11.30-12.00:   Stefan Geschke Basis theorems for continuous colorings.
12.00-12.30:   Marcin Sabok Complexity of Ramsey-null sets     Abstract
14.00-14.30:   Peter Koepke It is relatively consistent that the infinite cardinals are alternately regular and singular.     Abstract
14.30-15.00:   Brian Semmes Tree representations for Baire class alpha functions.
15.00-15.30:   Philipp Schlicht Borel quantifiers and invariant Borel sets.
16.00-16.30:   Sean Cox Nonregular ultrafilters.
16.30-17.00:   Dominik Adolf Singularizing successor cardinals.
17.15-18.15:   Ralf Schindler Mice and set theoretic geology.

Organizers: Yurii Khomskii, Benedikt Löwe.