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Merlin Christ

I am a PhD student (since April 2020) in mathematics in the Quantum Universe Research School . My supervisor is Tobias Dyckerhoff. My pronouns are he/him.

Research interests:
Higher categorical structures in categorification, representation theory, Fukaya categories. Applications to the categorification of cluster algebras.
More specifically, I am currently studying perverse schobers on surfaces (certain sheaves/cosheaves of enhanced triangulated categories) and their applications.

Publications and preprints:




  • Summer semester 2022: No teaching
  • Winter semester 2021/22: Tutor Linear Algebra I
  • Summer semester 2021: Tutor Algebraic Topology
  • Winter semester 2020/21: Tutor Mathematics for Physicists III
  • Summer semester 2020: Tutor Mathematics for Physicists II
  • Winter semester 2019/20: Student tutor Algebra I
  • Summer semester 2019: Student tutor Linear Algebra II
  • Winter semester 2018/19: Student tutor Linear Algebra I


Department of Mathematics
Research Group: Algebra and number theory
Bundesstraße 55
20146 Hamburg
Room 340
email: merlin.christ (at) uni-hamburg.de

Office hours: By appointment. Online. Click here for the BBB room.

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