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Model Reduction for Circuit Simulation


Peer reviewed proceedings of the workshop based on the invited and on selected contributed talks will be published with Springer in the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering series. Nevertheless we will also accept papers which are related to the topic of the workshop, but are not based on a contributed talk.

Brief general information:

  • Deadline for submitting your paper is January 31, 2009.
  • Use of LaTeX with Springer document class is mandatory (see below).
  • The maximum length is 12 pages for contributed and 20 pages for invited presentations.
  • All papers will be peer reviewed.

Typesetting your paper

All papers must be typeset with LaTeX using the Springer document class svmult.cls. Please understand that we cannot accept Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or other word processor documents. An article consists of the following files where "lastname" is to be replaced by the name of the corresponding author (e.g. hinze.tex).

Filename Description
Springer's document class and bibliography style file (for BibTeX users)
lastname.tex Main article file, do not split the document into multiple files.
lastname_ref.bib or
Bibliography file, you can either use BibTeX or LaTeX directly for references.
Figures must be provided in Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) format and named as shown.
lastname.pdf Final printable paper, enter these commands to create the PDF:
latex lastname.tex
bibtex lastname    # if you use BibTeX
latex lastname.tex
latex lastname.tex
dvips -P pdf -o lastname.ps lastname.dvi
ps2pdf lastname.ps

We gathered all above files in the following archive. Download lastname.tar.gz or lastname.zip and extract the archive to a directory of your choice.

Note that if you are the corresponding author of more than one paper you have to add a consecutive number to your lastname, e.g. lastname1.tex, lastname1_ref.tex, lastname1_fig1.eps, lastname2.tex, lastname2_ref.bib, lastname2_fig1.eps, ...

If you intend to use your own LaTeX macros please create unique names by using the corresponding author's name as prefix. Example: If corresponding author Hinze intends to use macros he should write

Please assign to all references the last name of the corresponding author as prefix to the bibitem. Example: References of author Hinze in his x-th contribution as corresponding author should contain bibitems of the form \bibitem{hinzex_ref1}

Submitting your paper

The corresponding author must submit the paper eletronically by email to syrene (at) math.uni-hamburg.de not later than January 31, 2009. Please write the mail as follows

  • Use the subject: Proceedings-paper lastname
  • The body of the e-mail must include name and address of the corresponding author and the title of the paper.
  • Attach an archive (lastname.tar.gz, lastname.rar or lastname.zip) containing the files:
    lastname_ref.tex or lastname_ref.bib
    lastname_fig1.eps, lastname_fig2.eps, ...

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