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Cultures of Mathematics IV
22-25 March 2015
New Delhi, India

Special Events.

A research community that could be described with the phrase Practice and Cultures of Mathematics has studied mathematics as a human subject with different practices and cultures in recent years. This research has been closely linked to the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice community and its Association for the Philosophy of Mathematical Practice, but is broader in the sense that it is interested in the study of mathematical practices and cultures independently of whether there is an interaction with traditional philosophical questions (such as epistemology or ontology).

In addition to many other meetings associated to the research community, there has been a series of meetings dealing specifically with the phenomenon of diversity of research cultures in mathematics: the traditional view claims that all of the differences between mathematical research cultures are superficial and do not touch the nature of mathematics; it is the goal of this research community to evaluate that claim by studying concrete examples. Here, culture should be understood very widely, and cultural differences can be found distinguishing mathematical subdisciplines, national cultures, cultures imposed by university or institute structures, etc.

Previous meetings of this series include Mathematics as Culture and Practice in Bielefeld, Germany (May 2010), Mathematics as Culture and Practice II in Greifswald, Germany (December 2011), and Cultures of Mathematics and Logic in Guangzhou, China (November 2012). The upcoming meeting in New Delhi is the fourth meeting in this series. Closely related to these conferences was the research network Mathematical Cultures funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council with three workshops held in London (September 2012, September 2013, and April 2014).

The meeting will focus on case studies from mathematical research that highlight cultural differences, methodological discussions of the use of empirical data from the study of mathematical practice for gaining insight in the phenomenon of mathematics, and fundamental questions about mathematics that require a view towards mathematics as a human discipline to be discussed. The Programme Committee will issue a Call for Papers in the fall of 2014 and welcomes submissions from researchers of mathematical practice from the entire world.

The meeting is generously supported by the Indian Council for Philosophical Research (ICPR), the International Association for Science and Cultural Diversity (IASCUD), and the Indo-European Research Training Network in Logic (IERTNiL).

Programme Committee. Mihir Chakraborty (Calcutta, India), Karine Chemla (Paris, France), Benedikt Löwe (Amsterdam, The Netherlands & Hamburg, Germany), Thomas Müller (Konstanz, Germany), Jean Paul Van Bendegem (Brussels, Belgium), Bart Van Kerkhove (Brussels, Belgium).


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