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The conference will be hosted at the Department of Mathematics, in the lecture hall H2 at the ground level. The address of the department is Bundesstraße 55, 20146 Hamburg. It is quite convenient to get there by public transportation, the nearest subway station is Schlump on the red line U2.

Generalities about the public transportation system

The public transportation system comprises buses, subway trains (called "U-Bahn") and local distance trains (called "S-Bahn"), click here for more information. You can use buses and trains with the same ticket. Tickets are sold by the bus drivers and at vending machines in the entrance area of each train station. They typically accept coins and small bank notes but no credit cards. For a single trip in the central are of Hamburg you need a "Einzelkarte Großbereich Hamburg" (3). From two trips on after 9 a.m. it is cheaper to buy a day-ticket "9-Uhr Tageskarte Großbereich Hamburg" (T3), which is usually available under the sub-menu "HVV Tageskarten" (T).

From the airport to the Mercure Hotel

  • Take line S1 from the airport (leaves there only in one direction) to the station "Jungfernstieg" (one behind "Hauptbahnhof").
  • Change to line U2 (red) in direction Nindorf.
  • Take line U2 to the station "Schlump".
  • Walk down the "Schröderstiftstraße" (the big street starting at the opposite side of the big traffic crossing) until you reach the hotel.

From the main station to the A&O Hotel

  • Take line S1 from the airport (leaves there only in one direction) to the station "Hauptbahnhof".
  • The hotel is exactly opposite to the Hauptbahnhof.

From the Mercure Hotel to the venue

  • Walk down the Renzelstraße until you meet the Bundesstraße.
  • Turn left and walk down the Bundesstraße until you reach the Department.

From the A&O Hotel Hotel to the venue

  • Take the train U2 to the station "Schlump".
  • When exiting the station, you can identify the department as the unique tallest and ugliest building in its neighbourhood (roughly 100m away).

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