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Walker Stern

I am a PhD student of Prof. Tobias Dyckerhoff, currently at Universität Hamburg.

Research interests:

  • Higher category theory, topological field theory, connections with physics.

Publications and Preprints:

  • Structured Topological Field Theories via Crossed Simplicial Groups (arxiv:1603.02614)

Tutoring and Office Hours, Winter Term 2018:

  • Office hours by appointment.


Over the past few years I've typed up notes for some of the courses and seminars I've attended, they can be found here.

Contact information:

Department of Mathematics
Research Group: Algebra and number theory
Bundesstr. 55 (Geomatikum)
20146 Hamburg
Room 340
phone: +49 40 42838-5197
email: walker.stern (at) uni-hamburg.de

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