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Für Studenten / For students

ο μη δαρεις ανθρωπος ου παιδευεται (Menander, as quoted by Goethe in the frontispice of the first part of ``Dichtung und Wahrheit'')

  • Sprechstunden / Office hours:

      Nach Vereinbarung per e-mail.

      Upon appointment by e-mail.

  • Skripten / lecture notes

  • Miscellaneous:
    • Hints on oral exams.
    • If you are interested in writing a (bachelor/master/PhD) thesis under my supervision, a good background in algebra and, for certain topics, in mathematical physics, is helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail, and do not hesitate to contact other people in my working group either.
    • If you want me to write a letter of reference for you, please keep in mind that such a letter needs to have a content that is appropriate for its purpose. Please send me, preferably by e-mail and as a single pdf-file, either in English or German, the following pieces of information:
      • An overview over your studies, including the results you have obtained so far. For seminars, please give the topic of your talks.
      • Information on the letter:
        Which person / organization is going to read the letter?
        Precise address of the recipient.
        Precise deadline.
        Information on the form (webforms, other forms, free text).
        Requirements on the language of the letter.

    • Hints on problem solving, in german only: ``Wie bearbeitet man sinnvoll ein Übungsblatt?'' by Prof. Lehn (Mainz)
    • Hints on seminar talks, in german only: ``Wie halte ich einen Seminarvortrag?'' by Prof. Lehn (Mainz)
    • Greek and german alphabets.

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