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Bjarne Schülke

Bjarne Schülke
University of Hamburg
Department of Mathematics
Research group: Discrete Mathematics
Bundesstr. 55 (Geomatikum)
20146 Hamburg
+49 40 42838-5126
bjarne.schuelke (at) uni-hamburg.de
About me

I am a third year PhD student with Christian Reiher and Mathias Schacht. Previously, I have completed my Bachelor's degree at the University of Bonn, my Master's degree (supervised by Christian Reiher) at the University of Hamburg and I have worked for an AI/robotics company in Tokyo. My research area is combinatorics, in particular extremal combinatorics. The topics I am interested in include various problems in extremal set theory, spanning structures in graphs and hypergraphs, problems in coloured graphs, and questions related to the Turán problem. To attack these problems I sometimes use tools like the absorption method, the hypergraph regularity lemma, and probabilistic approaches. This is me on arxiv, and this is me on ResearchGate.

Articles Extended abstracts Talks
  • Extremal problems concerning the traces of sets, Warwick combinatorics seminar, June '20, Warwick (online)
  • Minimum pair-degree for tight Hamiltonian cycles in 4-uniform hypergraphs, EUROCOMB '19, Aug '19, Bratislava
  • Powers of Hamiltonian cycles in μ-inseparable graphs, Random structures & algorithms '19, July '19, Zurich
  • A different Absorbing Lemma for the cycle partitioning problem in r-coloured K_n, Berlin-Poznań-Hamburg-Warsaw Seminar on Discrete Mathematics '19, May '19,Warsaw
  • A pair-degree condition for Hamiltonian cycles in 3-uniform hypergraphs, Combinatorics Seminar at the Emory University, Feb '19, Atlanta
  • Teaching assistant for the lecture 'Graph theory 1', Summer 20
  • Teaching assistant for the lecture 'Extremal graph theory', Winter 19/20
  • Teaching assistant for the lecture 'Mathematics 1 for computer scientists', Winter 19/20
Other interests
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