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Research Seminar - Summer term 2017


This is the joint research seminar of the groups of Christoph Schweigert and Ingo Runkel. The seminar takes place
  • Tuesdays 14:15-15:45 in room 142
The plan for this term is (subject to change):
  • Tue, 4.4.: (no seminar)
  • Tue, 11.4: Lorant Szegedy, Two-dimensional r-spin TQFTs and the Arf invariant [notes and references]
  • Tue, 18.4: Azat Gainutdinov, Projective objects and the modified trace in factorisable finite tensor categories (see also arXiv:1703.00150)
  • Tue, 25.4: Ilaria Flandoli, Logarithmic conformal field theories for Bn,l=4 and symplectic fermions
  • Tue, 2.5: Aswin Balasubramanian, N=4 super Yang-Mills theory and topological twisting, part 1
  • Tue, 9.5: Aswin Balasubramanian, N=4 super Yang-Mills theory and topological twisting, part 2
  • Tue, 16.5: (no seminar)
  • Tue, 23.5, Wed 24.5: Marco de Renzi, series of three talks:
    • Tue, 14:15-15:45 room 142 : General overview of non-semisimple extended TQFTs and main results
    • Wed, 10:15-11:45 room 1528 : Introduction to non-semisimple 3-manifold invariants and TQFTs of Blanchet, Costantino, Geer and Patureau
    • Wed, 14:15-15:45 room 142 : Some details on the construction of non-semisimple extended TQFTs
    See also arXiv:1703.07573.
  • Tue, 30.5: Yorck Sommerhäuser, Presentations of the modular group
  • Thu, 8.6, Fri, 9.6: Conference "Lessons from conformal field theory"
  • Tue, 13.6: Svea Mierach, Hopf Algebras, Cohomology and the Modular Group
  • Tue, 20.6: (no seminar)
  • Tue, 27.6 and Wed, 28.6: Thomas Creutzig on "VOA tensor categories for geometry and physics"
  • Tue, 4.7: Drew Heard on "Local duality in algebra and topology", see also arXiv:1511.03526)
  • Tue, 11.7: Paul-André Melliès, title tba

  Seitenanfang  Impressum 2017-06-26, Ingo Runkel