65.401/402: Vorlesung: Modular forms
Veranstalter: Ulf Kühn
Inhalt: Modular forms occur in a large variety of different fields of mathematics (algebra, number theory, arithmetic and algebraic geometry, combinatorics, cryptography, mathematical physics,...). This lecture aims to give an introduction to the theory of modular forms with a gentle focus on its connection to number theory. (syllabus of a previous course)
Vorkenntnisse: This course is suited for students studying Mathmatics (BSc&MSc), mathematical Physics (MSc) or master of education. Prerequisites are the beginners course in linear algebra and analysis. Proficiency in algebra and complex analysis is helpful but not strictly necessary.
Literatur: Will be included in the syllabus
Zeit und Ort: VL Di 8:30-10:00 Geom H3, Fr 12:15-13:45 Geom H3 und UE Mo 12:15-13:45 Geom 142
Übungsblätter: https://www.math.uni-hamburg.de/home/burmester/modulformen_ws1920-alle-aufgaben.pdf