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Eric Hoffbeck


I did my PhD in algebraic topology at the "Laboratoire Paul Painlevé", in Lille, France. My supervisor was Benoit Fresse.
I defended on 8th September 2010.

The electronic version of my PhD is available here. The slides of the defense (in french) can be found here.

Keywords : Operads, algebras, Koszul duality, homology theories, obstruction theories.


Conferences :
GDR de topologie, Montpellier, 19-23 October 2010
Workshop on "Opérades, Bigèbres et théorie de l'homotopie" (Lille), 23 August 2010
Young topologists' meeting III (Le Chatelard, Suisse), 28 May 2009
Homologie des algèbres : structures et applications, CIRM (Marseille), 1-5 December 2008
Workshop on operads and PROPs, Montpellier, 22-23 May 2008
GDR de topologie, Angers, 28-30 October 2007

Seminars in France : Amiens, Lille, Nice, Paris 13, Saint-Etienne, Strasbourg, Toulouse.


A Poincaré-Birkhoff-Witt criterion for Koszul operads, manuscripta mathematica 131 (2010), 87-110.
Gamma-homology of algebras over operads,Algebraic & Geometric Topology 10 (2010), 17811806.
Obstruction theory for algebras over operads, preprint, submitted.

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