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Jan-Oliver Fröhlich

Jan-Oliver Fröhlich

Email: Jan-Oliver Fröhlich
I finished my PhD under supervision of Reinhard Diestel and moved on to Rome to work with Paul Wollan. My main interests are the structure of graphs with forbidden minors and infinite matroids.


  • Linkages in Large Graphs of Bounded Tree-Width (with K. Kawarabayashi, T. Müller, J. Pott, and P. Wollan), preprint 2014 (PDF).
  • On the intersection of infinite matroids (with E. Aigner-Horev and J. Carmesin), preprint 2012 (PDF).
  • Infinite matroid union (with E. Aigner-Horev and J. Carmesin), preprint 2012 (PDF).
  • Linear connectivity forces large complete bipartite minors: An alternative approach (with T. Müller), J. Combin. Theory Ser. B 101 (2011) 502–508, arXiv:0906.2568 (early version).


  • ST 10: Exercise class for the lecture "Topologie" by Dr. P. Sprüssel
  • WT 09: "Orientierungseinheit für Studienanfänger" (freshers' week) with Prof. U. Kühn
  • ST 09: Exercise classes 2 and 3 for the lecture "Mathematik II für Studierende der Informatik" by Prof. T. Andreae


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