Photo of Thomas
* 13 Januar 1990 in Bielefeld
† 24. September 2018 in Barcelona

Thomas Poguntke Memorial Workshop

Barcelona (CRM)
31 January — 1 February, 2019

Thomas Poguntke passed away on September 24, 2018, after a serious illness, just a few weeks after arriving in Barcelona. He was 28 years old and about to hand in his PhD thesis (University of Bonn) on higher Segal spaces, K-theory and Hall algebras, the main parts of which are available as two papers on the arXiv.

This workshop is dedicated to his memory and to his mathematics, which will live on.


Participants and registration

Anybody interested in participating is welcome. There is no registration fee, but for the sake of logistics, please contact Joachim Kock <kock AT mat uab cat> if you would like to attend.

Preliminary list of participants: Jaume Aguadé, Carles Broto, Louis Carlier, Guillermo Carrión, Carles Casacuberta, Natàlia Castellana, Alex Cebrian, Tobias Dyckerhoff, Wilson Forero, Imma Gálvez, Javier Gutiérrez, Matías del Hoyo, Gustavo Jasso, Joachim Kock, Mikel Lluvia, Jesper M. Møller, Mark Penney, Detlev Poguntke, Sune Precht Reeh, Ricard Riba, Albert Ruiz, Claudia Scheimbauer, Jérôme Scherer, Walker Stern, Andy Tonks, May Underhill-Proulx, Tashi Walde, Matthew Young.



— T H U R S D A Y —
Thursday 14:35—14:40 Welcome
Thursday 14:40—15:40
Thursday 15:40—16:20 Coffee Break
Thursday 16:20—17:20
Thursday 17:30—18:30
Thursday evening (probably we go out to find some light tapas, and not too late)
— F R I D A Y —
Friday 9:30—10:30
Friday 10:30—11:00 Coffee Break
Friday 11:00—12:00
Friday 12:10—13:10
Friday 13:10—14:30 Lunch Break
Friday 14:30—15:30
Friday 15:40—16:40
Friday 16:40—17:00 Coffee Break
Friday 17:00—18:00
Friday 18:10—19:10
Friday evening We plan to go out for dinner


Tobias Dyckerhoff and Joachim Kock

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